31 May 2011

Dakaremakura - The Dakimakura That Hugs You

by 23:27
Introducing a dakimakura that hugs you back; The "Embracing Pillow".

30 May 2011

GT300 Fuji Speedway 2011 Qualifying and Raceday

by 02:20
Held on April 30th and May 1st, the GT300 had stopped by the good old Mt.Fuji for Round 2 for this leg of the race. As my report will be heavily biased towards covering team GSR due to my nature as a fan of the diva and customer of GSC, do forgive me if I do not highlight the other teams that much.

As I previously mentioned in the history of GSR Studie & Team UKYO, the backdrop gave a hint as to the teams next circuit, the Fuji Speedway in Oyama. The circuit, if you have seen it, has only a few tight corners with the major speedway being the famously long stretch also known for holding drag races.

29 May 2011

Super "Super Stream" Taikyu Series

by 23:47
With the acceptance of itashas in professional racing sports, such as the GT300 Series, it's the
Super Taikyu Series's turn to have an itasha join the grid, "Infinite" style.

28 May 2011

Guess It?!

by 23:57
Can you guess what is this? 

Try guessing as hard as possible before scrolling for the answer below.

Capturing God Austin

by 23:40
Yeah, Baby, just in case you haven't realised it by now....

23 May 2011

figma Kamijou Touma, Beach Queens Madoka

by 18:49
Make way for the figma of professional Illusion Breaker from magic-and-science anime To aru Majutsu no Index, Kamijou Touma.

Custom "Nendoroid NEW Rinko"

by 01:16
A diehard fan of popular virtual-girlfriend-game, Love Plus has customized himself a fan-made Nendoroid Kobayakawa Rinko.

21 May 2011

What If Hollywood Did "Tiger & Bunny"...

by 02:50
2ch has made a list of possible actors/actresses that would suit the cast of superhero anime TIGER & BUNNY if it gets the Hollywood treatment.

The following comparisons are eerily perfect castings, especially Antonio Bison OTL ;

Official K-ON!! Dakimakura

by 02:32
To keeping you company during those cold (and lonely) nights, KyoAni has announced another dakimakura for you!

Ano Hana "Best Fashion Poll", Yukiatsu Takes the Lead?

by 02:21
Childhood anime Ano Hana has launched a "Best Coordinate Contest" to determine which fashion coordination suits each character the most.

Sphere on Friday

by 02:03
J-pop and seiyuu idol unit, Sphere has appeared on the front cover of the weekly pictorial magazine, Friday.

More featured scans after the time-jump

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Bunny

by 01:17
Crouching Tiger and Hidden Bunny are somewhere in this image. Search for them!

19 May 2011

Ano Hana x Pasela Collaboration

by 02:53
Karaoke chain Pasela will be collaborating with cross-dressing-mouthful-anime Ano Hana on a special menu.

18 May 2011

The Many Hairstyles of Toyosaki Aki

by 15:13
A nice compilation of "Aki Style", consisting of different hairstyles Toyosaki Aki has been seen sporting.

17 May 2011

The Many Faces of Sugata

by 22:26
There's an interesting thread going on in 2ch, consisting of parodies with Sugata Shindou from apprivoise-ing anime Star Driver. It seems Sugata's sharp eyes and blue hair struck 2ch as pretty amusing, with various angles of his face plastered on various characters. Pretty amusing indeed ^^"

Viewers discretion is advised lol.

15 May 2011

Homura's Room Spotted

by 19:31
The room of Akemi Homura, known for her time travelling ability and obsession with Kaname Madoka, was spotted among 2ch users.

GSR&Studie with TeamUKYO

by 18:47
The latest addition to the SuperGT300 Series is team, GSR&Studie with TeamUKYO, a rare joint collaboration between 3 factions; Good Smile Racing, Studie and Team UKYO.

Let's take a look at how this 3-way collaboration came about.

11 May 2011

Popura Gets A Face Lift

by 15:43
2ch finds the design of Popura from Working!! in a recent magazine looking a little off, and I have to agree with them.
Luckily, the power of image editing software has restored Popura back to herself.....I think.

Lawson x K-ON!! Round 2

by 15:28
Lawson and K-ON!! has teamed up together again for Round 2 at feeding on your wallets while you shop for K-ON!! merchandises. Sounds like the perfect keikaku plan trap deal.

Mami'd Cosplay at Its Best

by 14:01
Perfect cosplay of Mami getting the short end by Charlotte. Me guess this was at the recent Touhou event.

09 May 2011

Fate / Zero PV Trailer

by 21:00
The trailer for upcoming Type-Moon anime, Fate / Zero, has been added to their official website.

06 May 2011

[NyanType ムスメカ] Monthly Musume Mecha Vol 12

by 03:39
Within the pages of Monthly NyanType Magazine, a new "Mecha Musume" (ムスメカ / musumeka) is illustrated every month with an intimidating design, fashioning cute girls with supersized-bulky-foreboding-heavy weaponry which are full of puns and references from their respective shows.
Which brings us to the latest Volume 19 of NyanType magazine, with MusuMecha No.12, Victorica de Blois from mystery-filled and detective anime, GOSICK.

Madoka Magica Vol.1 Sells 53,000

by 03:39
Its official. Madoka Magica joins the top 3 animes with the "Highest number of units sold for Vol.1", with 53,000 copies sold in a week.

Index Library Card

by 03:38

Interesting library card by magic and science-based anime series, To Aru Majutsu no Index II.

I'd like a wallpaper of this, please.

Evangelion 1.09 "You are (not) Fashionable"

by 03:38
Pilots of NERV have been spotted in fashionably modern wear at a local clothing store.

04 May 2011

"My Childhood Friend Can't Be This Cute" Portable

by 13:52
Ore no Osananajimi ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai - Portable

An Infinite Stratos x OreImo custom cover for the Infinite Stratos series, if there was ever one in development.

Very cute, especially.........everyone ^^

Fate/Zero & Carnival Phantasm PV Images

by 11:43
Type-Moon has revealed the PV of their latest works, the soon-to-be anime Fate/Zero and mixed universe Carnival Phantasm. The PV was released at Machi★Asobi Event earlier this week.

03 May 2011

Seiyuu Comparisons - Spring 2011 (#16)

by 20:08
I just had to make this motivator. Couldn't help myself xD

Oh lookie, its freaking May already and OMGFORGOTTOPOSTTHISINAPRIL OTL
Comparison 16 was meant for the previous month but been too busy with posting other relevant news that might have caught your attention back in April.
Well, better late than never...

Welcome cherry-blossoms, sake, hay fever, masked people and melted snowmen to Spring!
And what better way to kick start the pollen month than to have a great lineup of shows!

And when I say "great", I mean "great number of shows", like getting cramped in a tiny closet with 3 beautiful girls while sinfully feeling their every shape in detail, further immortalised and memorised with the touch of your sweaty hands as you count your blessings to be alive at this great era and hope it could last forever.

Don't mind the previous statement, my "youth" was acting up again. Must be Spring ( ´∀`)
(cookies if you know which manga I was talking about)

Onto more important matters, Spring is ridiculously huge, as I'm following about 30 series, with around 260+ characters, not to mention a few dozen OVA/OAD/movies within the next three months. Hope I can keep watching all of them when I continue my studies later this month (still studying at the moment for external certificates but irrelevant).

Also, it's currently Golden Week at the moment in the great homeland, with many companies/shops/schools closing for the week, which gives me plenty of time to read up on older news that might have slipped my eyes. Thankfully, I recently received a notification that my shipment had just left the building before the retailers closed shop until the next working day, April 6th (Fri), then next week Monday. Unfortunately, Nendo Kuroneko is still stuck, so I'll just have to be patient and hope it'll be sent as soon as possible.

Also, if you've been following me for the last few months, you might have noticed a change of post topics, as its now less about me and more about anything and everything else, as I share news about this viral sub-culture of Japan. Hope you like this new twist and I'm gonna be following this pattern, from covering exhibitions to collaboration news to interesting stuff from Japanese forums.

Zero-chan has been behind the scenes, so I'll have to give him some news to post too. Also added an email notification function on the right bar, next to the other subscribe functions,  if you'd rather instead of my RSS feed or twitter. Chat me up on twitter anytime if you'd like ^^

To the great and youthful season, Happy Showa Day, Constitution Day, Greenery Day and Children's Day~!

Seiyuu Comparisons
[Uchiyama Kouki]
Yoga, Kimimaro                                       Orimura, Ichika

Firstly, I think this show is awesome. Love the acquisition terms from flations to invest and more importantly, money!
Secondly, they picked the right seiyuu for the protagonist.

[Tomatsu Haruka]
Mashu                                                 Naruko Anaru

Cute little Asset.
I wonder if Assets can evolve or innovate?

[Hosomi, Daisuke]
Mikuni, Souichirou                                       Genkishi

I sooooooooo want that card.
So I can get the money, THE MONEY, without selling my soul future

"One Piece Dome Tour" Exhibition

by 01:57
Docking at a dome near you!

Welcome pirates and landlubbers, to the greatest One Piece exhibition in history; the "One Piece Dome Tour"!

UPDATE: Tokyo Exhibition Day images added.

02 May 2011

Madoka ★ Magica Cafe Opens Tomorrow

by 19:42
Tomorrow on Constitution Day, the "Puella Magi Madoka ★ Magica Cafe" is ready for the grand unveiling!

UPDATED: The cafe is open!

UPDATED: Sneak peek picture of cafe interior added.

Sengoku KFC Colonel

by 00:43
If you are in Tokyo or anywhere in Japan at the moment, you might have noticed the local KFC outlets has equipped Mr.Sanders all the necessary armor to defend against the mad lunch crowds.

01 May 2011

Super GT300 Series Character War 2011

by 03:01
The GT300 Series 2011 has been collaborating with quite a few characters this year, turning it into an all out character-war as mascots for their respective teams. We'll take a look at some of these character teams currently racing this season.
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