02 May 2011

Sengoku KFC Colonel

by 00:43
If you are in Tokyo or anywhere in Japan at the moment, you might have noticed the local KFC outlets has equipped Mr.Sanders all the necessary armor to defend against the mad lunch crowds.

Takeda Sanders

Children's Day is coming soon, and like every year, franchisees dress Mr.Sanders in rigged wafer-thin paper armor in hopes of attracting your hungry eyes at noon or dinner. The following are the local's attempts at dressing the Colonel as intimidatingly as possible in gaudy-looking coloured cardboards supposedly shaped in samurai armor. Looks like Sengoku era armor. 

Why exactly are they fashioned in heavy armor like samurai on Children's Day beats me. Its been a tradition here for as long as....well....KFC came here?

Could use some clarification from a local if anyone's reading this and knows why Sander is in armor xD
Or maybe I could ask my Sensei instead...... Anyway, enjoy the armor display ( ´∀`)

Colonel Date 
This was taken somewhere in Akiba I think. 

On regular days/fastives, Mr.Sanders sports different attires.
But the Curse of the Colonel might still be in effect lol 

Shinsengumi Sanders! 
Love this version ^^ (and yeah, I'm a huge jap history faggot xD)

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