24 January 2011

[Madoka Magica] How Some Reacted to Mami's Death...

by 15:59

So, how did the denizens react to Puella Magi Madoka★Magica's Episode 3?

Some took it quite well actually, or even liked it, while others are still crying in the corner till fugly, some have given up the show, poked fun about it, raged about it, were mentally scarred for life, never watching another mahou shoujo by SHAFT (yea, you got shafted lol), committed suicide or admitted into ICU due to trauma.

But hey, 人生は冒険のつづく。。。-さかなちゃん
(The adventure of life continues... - Sakana-chan)

Many Jap-blogs boomed with mixed reactions, with approx. 315,000 results concerning only that episode (Guru Google told me that)

While some are replaying episode 3 to try avoiding the BAD END, here's some reaction's and graphic content about R.I.P Mami-san with a few translation, after the break. (this is when you hide the kids)

1/1 Scale Mini Ika Musume Figure

by 14:33
There's been quite a ruckus in the doujin figure circles, concerning many die-hard sculptors resorting to custom Ika-musume figures when no official was available.....until now.

Meet Mini Ika Musume, inspired from episode 6 (I think), an even smaller moefied version of Ika-chan. 

Free when you purchase the "First Limited Edition 3rd Blu-ray Box, Shinryaku! Ika Musume"
featuring Episode 5 and 6 in glorious high definition. 

And the contents won't disappoint you at all, after the break;

Just What Happened in Akihabara Today/Tonite?

by 01:39
Well, nothing major really......

Okay I lied, please come back lol.

Around 3 years ago (2 years 7 months), was fatal stabbing rampage that occured in June 2008 and forever scarred Akihabara 's history.
Short story is; man drives van into pedestrian zone and hits 3 men, thus killing them, before stabbing 14 more people on foot, leaving 4 stabbed fatalities in his wake before he was arrested.

So it's 23rd January, the day which back in December 2010, Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission had approved to reopen the Pedestrian Zone in Akihabara. As Akihabara is the heart and soul of many things, roads would normally be closed off to vehicles on Sundays and public holidays to accommodate the overwhelmingly large number of pedestrians, until that stabbing incident occured, forcing authorities to close the pedestrian zone until further notice.

And precisely at 1pm today, the streets were closed off once again and the masses filled the streets, renewing the glory of Akihabara's ever densely populated streets on a Sunday afternoon. The pedestrian zone will be open to 5 p.m. through March and 6 p.m. through June. If no problems are reported, it will remain open from July.

Medetashi medetashi

My twitter was literally buzzing with tweets and pics of the pedestrian zone being congested, with nostalgic comments being shared among twitters and phone pics to pinpoint the uploader's position .
Hopefully, nothing like that incident will happen again but who knows when the next deranged lunatic will come waltzing into Akihabara, this time with a projectile weapon?

Pedestrian Paradise Gallery;

Certain restrictions have been imposed during the Pedestrian Zone period;
Selling Street Goods Ban
Street Performance Ban
Riding Bicycle Ban
Leaflet Distribution Ban
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