28 February 2011

Seiyuu Comparisons - Winter 2011 (#14)

by 22:24

Somehow, I made it. Forgot this month tends to end early every year, thus the lateness of this little section.

First order of business: objective!
It's been a year already, but no harm in restating the objective of this monthly post. A reminder at most.
This section is dedicated to spreading the awareness of Voice Actors/actresses (声優 / seiyuu) through a comparison between respective characters that they have voiced. Why images of seiyuus are not displayed here is due to natural human nature of visual recognition that supersedes the voice recognition aspect. Thus, various characters that have been voiced by a said seiyuu are compared in this section, to recognize their voicing talents and acting ability that breathes life into animated characters. Hopefully, this will generate curiosity, or better yet, interest in a said seiyuu and acknowledge their roles / existence within this industry, while stamping out VA ignorance. 
What a mouthful, but in other words; my troll space lol.

It seems these comparisons have been falling into the "end of the month" category as of late.
This might result in a common trend from here on as it give me time to better manage other stuff accordingly (and publish more content, future-wise).
Finals are in March, so published contents will slacken over the next few weeks until the 4th month as I need to concentrate. This goes for Zero too.

Speaking of exams, a shout out to all students whom are taking their entrance examinations throughout February, in schools and universities all over Japan. Graduation ceremonies are to follow in March.

Hope you had a ronery Singles Day!

Seiyuu Comparisons
*broken images should be working as we move into the next month.
Apologies if the images are still dead. We're in the process of backing everything up to our new server. 

[Okamoto, Nobuhiko]
Fujiwara Yumeji                                      Accelerator

These two roles are the most conflicting, period.
But finally, the old Accelerator that I love to watch vector-massacre the shit out of inferior beings, is back.
I really missed his maniacal and sinister chuckling. Welcome home, Accelerator~
[Sakura Ayane]
Merry Nightmare 

New seiyuu on the block and grabbing a main role as her first while stirring the navel fetish.
Very unique cutesy voice and worth keep an eye out for. And everybody loves Mr. Donuts ^^

[Nakata Jouji]
John Doe                                           Yamisaka Ouma

Woohoo! Nakata again!
Love his deep "declaring" voice cause everything he says sounds kinda like a statement/fact lol.  
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