31 December 2010

C79 (冬) Day 2: Welcome to Mayhem

by 02:04
10:00 AM Comic Market Raises the Curtain
Please leave your shame and self-respect prior to entry of the building. We hope you enjoy you're visit - Comiket Committee

With that, Day 2 had started and ended in the same fashion; chaos. 

Full coverage of Day 2 in 3 parts;

C79 (冬) Day 2: Welcome to Mayhem (Part 1) - "Tokyo Big Sight and Happenings" 
More coverage on the last day; Day 3; the final Comiket of 2010, tomorrow. 

Stay tuned. 

30 December 2010

C79 (冬) Day 1: Calm Before the (Shit)Storm...

by 03:01
Okay, so the plan was to post a cluster of links to interesting C79 images and other related sites.

But exactly at 7pm-ish, I took a look at Twitter with the #C79 tag and facepalmed, hard.
For every minute, 125 new tweets were tweeted, and I was still reading tweet no. 23,573.

This is NOT possible. Plan has phailed, hard.

Solution; upload all clusterfuck images onto a site where millions congregate daily for their daily fix of anime/figure/mecha/japan related news: figure.fm.

And now, I shall direct you to the post with all the coverage. Enjoy.

PS: Yes, I will do the same thing for Day 2 and 3, accessible at figure.fm. Stay tuned. 

29 December 2010

Season's Summation - Autumn 2010

by 17:19
Winter is the coldest season of the year in temperate climate, between autumn and spring. At the winter solstice, the days are shortest and the nights are longest, with days lengthening as the season progresses after the solstice. -Wikipedia
They forgot to mention Winter also entails snow-car pileups, grounded aircrafts, transportation crisis, strikes, billions of dollars loss, corporations tearing their hair out, the world ending, all while plunging further into the "minus" region deeper with every passing year.

Man, just what does January have in store for those poor bastards in the Northern hemi?

As you might not (already) know, I've returned to continue my semester, early last month. So it's back to paper-pushing and researching while rushing for the deadlines. Seems like my precious sleep time will be horribly murdered, sliced, spliced and diced (again).
Thankfully, our dean and lecturers agreed they desperately need a break from us wild undergraduates causing mayhem on campus once in awhile, so we've gone onto a 2 week Christmas hiatus. So if you've noticed my Twitter wasn't exactly up-to-date at times previously, apologies for that. Must remember to use Twitter more often...

It seems like only yesterday when I wrote the Summer version of this, and we're now only hours away from the new year. Funny how time passes by ever so fast, even if it it only has a 1-second interval of time stoppage.
Just where did my snooze alarm function go?!

Anyway, lets cut to the chase.
Same thing as Summer, here's Winter's overall grade;

The return and resurrection of older titles has been overwhelming. With 6 sequels/continuations, everyday was bliss. A few originals here and there but interesting nonetheless. Also, every title has used CG in some way, which is no surprise for the rest of this year as well. As ugly as it may seems, it's a necessary to speed up production.
Unfortunately, many shows abruptly ended this month and waaaay to many if I may say so. Only a couple of brave shows had the courage and will to trudge through the cold and into the icy months ahead.

Some personal opinions on what went down in Winter's lineup with, again, bold ORENJI on those particularity worth watching;

17 December 2010

A Certain White Christmas Post!

by 19:13
Artwork : 暗猫 @ Pixiv
"Realizing Christmas is coming, I bought you a present but demands Christmas Eve night to be spent with me, so in other words, a date..."
as dere-dere Misaka coyly requests while biting the present in anticipation...
While I undergo an imaginary date with my lovely clone, here's some news (which I have not posted in an age) to warm up this Christmas;

12 December 2010

Seiyuu Comparisons - Autumn 2010 (#12)

by 18:23
I'd like to thank everyone who voted me as the
"No.1 Person You Would Like to Have On a Ronery Christmas",
and hope the voters will try harder next year !

While Morishima jests at our bachelorhood while receiving her prize, let's move onto our main topic....

It's finally December.....again. Time to bring out the boots and kotatsu before our feet freezes over, while we decorate our Christmas trees. With the temperature and snow dropping ever more by the weeks before jumping into the shitstorm of it by January, a time for Xmas and celebrations are in order.

Although it's already mid-Dec, I'm still not feeling the festive vibes just yet.
It might be the wet weather here we've been having instead of snow....
Or it might be the absence of the Christmas tree this year... ( family unanimously agreed putting it back is a hassle)
Or maybe it's the absence of a partner around this time of year, where couples walk hand-in-hand or arm-in-arm while envy grows, as I have nothing else better to do than to write this behind a 20" monitor, with only my figures for company during the cold nights to come......

Personally, I can relate to Amagami SS as it means a lot to me, so excuse this tiny flashback. It was around this time a few years back that I had feelings for her, so much so, I had planned a Christmas dinner for the two of us. Alas, it didn't happen as she was busy and I was fell somewhere below "busy", leading to falling out of contact for 3 months before seeing her again, which was entirely my fault and had no choice due to official reasons. In a short time, she had changed, including her taste in men as she went for long distance with a guy in the States, so I'm left to support her instead of "supporting" her......
So, yes Junichi. I sometimes see myself in you, so I loath and despise you (myself).
Accept it and move on like I did.

But hey, it's Christmas again. Best leave all the reminiscences behind and await for the release of the next "Hinako" installment, due to keep the rest of us ronery fellows company on Christmas Eve. So get yourselves warmed up with a How-To video of the Isshoni Training 026 (o-fu-ro), Bathing with Hinako.

Speaking of December, this little monthly segment has completed (and survived) one full year. Yes, battling the desire to drop everything and do something more constructive than hammering away at the keyboard for hours was tough, but I made it to the 12th month. Phew!
A new widget has been added, which would be my "Last.fm Real-time Playlist" on the right bar --->,
as I listen and display some of the soothing tunes to keep me warm through out the winter....

This Autumn had lots of fun, crazy shows packed up together, with a few dark horses which I would have never picked up in my normal state of mind, but did anyway. But it's time to pack up and trot onto the January snow soon as a few shows will be ending by next week *sniff*

Meanwhile, Mr. Hashi has provided a detailed review of the Winter 2011 Schedule, which I would like to highly recommend for everyone to take a good look at as we say goodbye to 2010.

For the last time this year, a back breaking collection of 130 characters have been compiled, formatted, resized and boxed up with wrappings (minus the ribbon) as my Xmas to you guys, simply cause I'm in the mood of giving more than usual. Oh, and do check out this live seiyuu ED version in Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru, with Yuuki Aoi, Omigawa Chiaki, Yazawa Reika and Shiraisho Ryouko!

With that, I bid 2010 farewell.
See you guys next year~!

Season's Greetings, Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year~!

Seiyuu Comparisons

[Sasaki, Nozomi]
MISAKA                                             Patricia Martin

"Misaka thinks she should have been given more airtime, as Misaka only appeared 3 times, with twice being nude," responds Misaka with bitterness in her voice.
And the Misaka Network voice a single word through Radio Noise; "Agreed"
[Okamoto, Nobuhiko]
Accelerator                                        Tsuzuki Takumi 

Best action so far, involving tornado wings sprouting from his back, sending seismic waves with a stomp and ACTUALLY using his fists to send women flying.
He may not be No.1 anymore, but I don't think anyone's ready to prove that.....
[Itou, Shizuka]
Kanzaki Kaori                                         Kousaka Tamaki

I had the pleasure of seeing one of Itou Shizuka's older roles; Kousaka Tamaki. The figure market is literally flooded with her in various versions and I only realized why when I watched the recent OVA.
And Kanzaki in dere-dere <3
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