23 January 2011

figma Kamijou Touma?!

by 19:30
This can't be the 100th figma, right? RIGHT?!
Fukou da....  (不幸だ。。。) OTL
OMFG MaxF, you gotta be shitting me?!
I mean, REALLY?!

Well, not really.... OTL
Its by "Massive Factory" if you read it carefully (and the fact Touma looks like he halved his neck length).
But a good troll is refreshing, and one can hope, right?

Tho, it's believable. They've even got figma Misaka Imouto No.10032 ver. in the pic, and she's only due for release in May? (O_O)
Still doesn't change the fact I was trolled OTL

Who knows, this might really come out, since we have Misaka, Kuroko and Imouto announced already...
Max Factory, you reading this?

Taketatsu Ayana Riding a Tricycle?

by 16:58
Taketatsu Ayana caught in the act as she pedals a tiny three-wheeler.

Viewed at 0:26

This "making of" is one of her non-anime roles as she plays Ichigo Yuuna in live-action movie, "Light Novel no Tanoshii Kakikata".
No clue about this show, but I might just watch it, purely out of Ayana.

*I'm like halfway done with comparisons?

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Season 2

by 00:25


And the guy who said you can't express with words was lying, period.
Here's your saucy source;

The lulz shall recommence in Summer 2011

This show is so...

Imma sleep happy now XD
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