02 October 2009

| Fate/EXTRA |

by 23:23
Finally, the idea of role playing Shiro managed to get through. And low-and-behold, we have an RPG coming up! A Fate RPG... how bliss....


We've always debated (and still are) on what would it be like to have Saber as your personal servant? Well, she technically is, as you are bound to her by master/servant contract on the first night you met in any game of Fate. Except you are stuck to the arcade type versions like Fate/Unlimited Codes, which kills the feeling of "owning" her, ya know?

From the screen shots, it definitely looks like a Persona 4 to me, along with the battle concept. And that's a good thing people... (go play P4 to find out how good!)

So incorporating this idea ain't too bad. A free dynamic environment with power-ups (hopefully) like in FF series?... kinda nice. Having it simulate FF is wishful thinking as I can only pray the graphics are upped a lot more.
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