30 December 2009

A Certain Otaku Shopping Spree in Hong Kong

by 20:25
It's been awhile since I last posted anything. As it's almost New Year already, I might as well talk about my recent trip to Hong Kong where I spent the festive season (and wallet) until Christmas Eve.

Many say Hong Kong is a woman's shopping paradise...

I beg to differ...

Its also an Otaku shopping paradise. If you can't make it to Tokyo for Comiket, HongKong is 2nd best to Japan. HK has the same pace as Tokyo. Fast-moving in an urban jungle with dense concrete trees. A perfect place to get lost when looking for hobby shops.

As an idiot who is extremely sensitive to the cold, this idiot went to shop in the middle of winter. 21°C by day and 9°C by night, I can only imagine the coldness the European and North American continent must be going through as I'm freezing my ass off in this HK winter...

Maintanence Period

by 19:13
To those who wondered what happened to my blog as it became private and users unable to view the posts.

A short maintenance and changing of domain occurred during the last few days. As I wanted to use "Wordpress" platform and had shifted half of my posts to the new one, I found out it was a lot harder to use and controling it required extra maintenance.

Happy to announce I have returned to Blogger, a very simple method for simple people who have not much experience in CSS but so-so at HTML. Also, I revamped my blog design, providing a more pleasing reading experience with larger fonts.

So, happy holidays and a New Year to all!
Keep frosty but not cold!

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