01 November 2009

Sora no Otoshimono - そらのおとしもの

by 00:33

If nose bleeding was as common in reality as in animation, I would be suffering from anemia in the ICU by now...

If fan-service is your forte and your fetish, look no further for this Fall's super bare-bodying series that ranked top 5 of the animes this season.

Fan-service is no stranger to many of us (as some started watching anime because of this factor). Having lots of filtered scenes with exposed 'oppai' or 'oshiri' in many parts of the show, I has already claim a top spot on my list.

Tomoki loves his peaceful life in a country town, but a strange girl often enters his dreams, asking for his help. One night, a buxom angel suddenly falls on him from the sky. She turns out to be an "entertainment purpose angeloid" -- and his peaceful life is done for.
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