11 February 2011

「Maken-Ki!」Anime Adaptation

by 17:14

Monthly Dragon Age magazine reveals an adaptation of the currently ongoing, harem-filled manga,
"Maken-Ki! (マケン姫っ!)"

Lucky Star Official BD-BOX Cover

by 16:46

The announced "Lucky Star BD-BOX" has been given an official cover! \(^0^)/

A list of the extra contents within the box has been provided, all for a mere 39,900円;

「2011 Winter Hobby Manufacturer Joint Exhibition」+
「Wonder Festival 2011 Winter」

by 02:27

The 2011 Winter Hobby Manufacturer Joint Exhibition is the after-event of Wonder Festival, hosted by Good Smile at Akihabara UDX on Tuesday 8th. By invitation only to certain individuals/organisations in the industry, various products are revealed here as they were to the public in Wonfes,
all labelled with product information, pricing and release dates! \(^∀^)/
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