21 October 2010

A Rainbow of Miku

by 21:45
Today, we'll take a look at some custom Miku which I happened to stumble across from VERY avid fan, if I may add.

So, I've been following Itabeya-san for almost 6-7 months now, ever since he started his blog about a year ago.
During the 5th re-release of the Nendoroid Hatusne Miku, he highlighted a few other works from some acquaintances.

This was when I came across one particular blogger, "おとーちゃん / Oto-chan". His collection of Miku related merchandise is ridiculously large, from plushies to prize figures and even limited editions before turning towards custom paint nendoroids.

Note:Will be on a trip to SW Australia for a week, back on next Sunday (31/10/10)
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