04 September 2009

Canaan - The Land of Hope

by 01:32
Honestly, I was at the edge of my seat when I heard Type-moon was starting another series project. As far as I have seen, these guys have yet to fail me in my expectations...

One the most awesome animes this summer, Canaan, by Type-moon started with a very explosive and action packed beginning. No qualms there as it was definitely the type of show I'm into.

Set in Shanghai, China, a woman who goes by the name of Canaan, jumps over rooftops while firing bullets with deadly accuracy, in a batle with a group know as the "Snakes". At the same time, she starts to discover herself when she ran into an long friend, Osawa Maria whom she had met in the past. Despite her poker face and age, she is different from all of us due to her deadly ability, Synesthesia. She is able to tell apart from foe and ally by judging them from the "colour" they emit from her blood red eyes...

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