22 May 2010

Nendoroid Petit: Bakemonogatari Set #1

by 22:15
I confess! I only got this because of Senjougahara!
There, I said it. =)

After weeks of delays, many bitter thanks to Golden Week (where no one works for a week >_>), my local suppliers shipment had finally arrived, well into the 5th month. Had to squint to get a good look at the "puchi"s. It feels like a nendoroid, with all the accessories and stuff included, but in reality, still has the size of a petit. Either way, it feels weird. 

Though, I do applaud GSC for coming up with smaller set releases. It's a win-win for "most" of us. 
Collectors - cheaper than standard 12set/ procuring specific characters/ extra accesories
GSC - smaller scheduled releases/ profit more than standard 3 nendoroid petits

And I realized collecting all 3 sets would cost more than the standard 12 charac-in-a-box set. But with the extra stuff included, its a fair price I guess. But I still hate you, GSC =P
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