22 May 2010

Nendoroid Petit: Bakemonogatari Set #1

by 22:15
I confess! I only got this because of Senjougahara!
There, I said it. =)

After weeks of delays, many bitter thanks to Golden Week (where no one works for a week >_>), my local suppliers shipment had finally arrived, well into the 5th month. Had to squint to get a good look at the "puchi"s. It feels like a nendoroid, with all the accessories and stuff included, but in reality, still has the size of a petit. Either way, it feels weird. 

Though, I do applaud GSC for coming up with smaller set releases. It's a win-win for "most" of us. 
Collectors - cheaper than standard 12set/ procuring specific characters/ extra accesories
GSC - smaller scheduled releases/ profit more than standard 3 nendoroid petits

And I realized collecting all 3 sets would cost more than the standard 12 charac-in-a-box set. But with the extra stuff included, its a fair price I guess. But I still hate you, GSC =P

Again, many thanks to local supplier, The Figure Mall.

Most of the figures or goodies I've PO-ed from are the guys at "The Figure Mall" (TFM), a local supplier. Nice community, colourful history and most importantly, keeps up with the latest POs available from the land of the rising sun. I'd recommend them, even more so if you happen to live around the Subang Jaya region as they recently opened up a physical store. For more info, head over to their website.

Grabbed 2 boxes for the heck of it. Okay, I lied. Its actually for a friend =P

Me thinks this is the "official/original" sticker like most genuine boxes come with. Not that I'm doubting my supplier or anything ^^

For reminder's sake from left; Araragi Koyomi, Senjougahara Hitagi and Hanekawa Tsubasa.

GSC had put up a notice regarding some misprints on the parts list at the back. Something about misprinting the "hand parts" for Araragi. The official announcement for the curious can be here

Considering the number of extra stuff included, I still think it's a fair price despite the constant doubt of GSC's strategy of siphoning more out of our wallets raging in my head. Oh well...

After taking a good look at Araragi, I kinda like it. Ironic that this figure is rather plain in contrast to the fact that he's the weirdest oddity in the series.

He comes with a bunch of accessories, from school bag, to "silent-hand" pose and a rather odd but amusing ahoge in the shape of a question mark.It suits his aloof, carefree and sometimes "wondering" expression.

Ah, Hitagi-san. As charming as ever, even if you shove those staplers into my mouth and threaten to staple my lips shut, you're still beautiful. Love her purple hair, as it fits her seifuku colour.

The razor is rather bent, compared to the official photos at GSC. Can't seem to bend it to straighten it while avoiding a rather painful scenario of breaking of her hand. So I'll leave it at that.

Personally, I want Hanekawa to remain in youkai form, permanently. Her neko-ego is rather devilish yet cute. I'm sure most of the viewers feel the same way ^^.
Also, her glasses are particularly fragile, so extra caution for them.

That's that. Set #1 has landed, with #2 "hopefully" touching down in June, with #3 due on the 8th month.

Also, those who have PO-ed the 1st shipment of Azunyan (Nend.) should be overjoyed as Mikitan just updated her blog with some shots of Azunyan, which is expected to be released this 25th May if nothing goes horribly wrong ^^
Soooo looking forward to her! xD

Almost forgot this pic

Her pantsu are quite cute ^^"
I wonder if they'd sell this pattern when word gets out...

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