12 May 2010

Simmoned Figures #3 - Nendoroid Petit Vocaloid #1 「ねんどろいどぷち ボーカロイド #01」

by 04:14

My last post kept on ranting about suspicious and near-perfect imitations that would dupe even the most avid collectors at first glance, which classifies them as the most dangerous out there.

But no worries for the imitations in this post. 
After looking at these, you'd want to chuck it back to the pirates and ask them to do a proper job of manufacturing a fake. 
One might have to question if these are even worth labeling as a "figure"...

The level of pirating for this set is so laughable, I'm sure only blind otakus of a certain ethnic *cough* would purchase them as GSC giggles at their phailed attempt of replication.

Compared to the previous counterfeit of Saber Lily, I'm quite astound by pathetic replication such a lovely series as pirates would give they're all to make near-perfect copies to lure customers in.
After looking at these images and comparing them to the real ones I currently have in my hands, I love Miku and GSC all over again for they're quality.

However, the following images may cause momentary blindness, rapid blinking, squinting, frowning and accelerated eye cancer.
You have been warned...

Threat Level : 2/5
Firstly, take a GOOD LOOK at these pictures from GSC's official site. They're the real goodies.

Now, compare. Actually, don't. It's not worth it.

I'll just list down all the aspects of the imitations which the pirates phailed in, as the original post at GSC states the same for all replicas

Genuine vivid colours but fading of color is fake.
Missing Colours on certain parts of clothing. 
Different colour painted on certain parts of clothing.

All joints are glued. No parts are able to move.
All have key chain holders which are fake. 

Enjoy the rest of the gallery, which consist of comparison shots by GSC to further embarrass the pirates.
The antidote/cure for eye pain is available here.

PS; Hachune Miku was not worthy enough for the pirates to replicate, as there is no imitation for that figure. On another note, GSC did not mention the missing "made in china" or copyright label like most imitations. But we know better as to where and who manufactured these counterfeits, with a certain country in question.

(Blue: Fake / Red: Genuine)

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