31 January 2011

Seiyuu Comparisons - Winter 2011 (#13)

by 18:40

Though winter is here, some of us are already on fire...

Welcome, once again, to another year of the Seiyuu Comparisons corner, 2011 edition.
I know its is reeeeeally late as January had me booked and I have a study life to keep up with, resulting in this post being delayed until I had some free time while making the deadline (which is the last day of the month)

PhotobucketWinter's lineup is rather small this time, but I'll have to judge that after when it ends in March. Nonetheless, I'll be tracking a few shows as we head into February and I've already got a few favourites ^^

And this season is, thankfully, not as backbreaking as the previous with around 250+ characters only. Probably because of the quantity of shows but I'll just add more later on with the upcoming OVAs and movie titles.

This might be my last post for the week, depending on how fast I finish up my other priorities. So I might pass the baton to our new contributer, Zero, whom normally works behind the scenes, if he's willing to grab onto it. Hopefully, he's reading this as we speak and getting the message ; )

Before I close shop for the (chinese) new year holidays, Happy Setsubun, Chinese New Year, Birthday to me, Holidays!

Seiyuu Comparisons
[Namikawa Daisuke]
Kazehaya Shouta                                    Ki El Dogra Baka

This is..... unexpected (*゚ー゚)
And Kimi ni Todoke is back! *pumps fist*
[Noto Mamiko]
Kurunoma Sawako                                        Himegami Aisa

I love hunting around for deformed characters in KnT.
You might think they're insignificant but just try imagining without them....
[Nakamura Yuuichi]
Sanada Ryuu                                              Graham Aker

A hero in my eyes, that went out with a bang like a star reaching supernova.
His sacrifice lead to the ceasefire in the battle against the aliens of the Gundam 00 movie.
For that, I will never forget you, Mr Bushido.
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