30 November 2009

Essential Items for National Service

by 17:59

To the foreign visitors (Western population), you may ignore this post as it is a guide for my fellow countrymen who are about to enjoy themselves for 3 months in hell, away from the comfort of home. If you are interested in what our National Service survival items are, please continue.

To the locals of Malaysia, especially those under or aged 17, who were fortunate enough to be "randomly" selected for National Service (NS), good luck. Hopefully your stay in hell...I mean camp, will be as eventful as mine was. However, by the time I returned from NS, I had no regrets as I really did enjoy myself there.

Common questions around this time will be;

  • What to bring for NS?
  • Stuff to bring for Khidmat Negara?
  • What are the items for NS?
  • What do I need to survive NS?!

This will hopefully serve as a last minute guide for those who are about to leave for a part of Malaysia they have never been too. Whether it be in the East coast or East Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak), hopefully with this, you will be PREPARED.

25 November 2009

Tunes of Symphony

by 22:08
I've FINALLY found some free time as for the past few weeks, a couple of things came up which could NOT be avoided like;

  1. Exams... (hand-ache after every paper)
  2. Partying (recommend dosage after every exam ;)
  3. Playing Modern Warfare 2 and Left for Dead 2 (All for the winter sales, hoorah!)
  4. Laziness.... (need some K-ON-music to ward this off...)
So anyway, I'd like to share a couple of songs from now on, especially vocaloid ones, which have a great impact on my ears and eyes. Well, it may not affect you but its something like a recommendation to all J-pop and song listeners in the Y-generation era.

05 November 2009

Parody VS Battle VS Fan-service

by 19:45

It seems that Autumn's Top 10 Fall 2009 Anime lineup has a few things in common. Well, most of them fall under one or more of these 3 categories;

  • comedic parody,
  • sci-fi battles,
  • exposed fan-service.

Not that I'm complaining, of course... Here's a recap of a few top 10 animes and highlights.

01 November 2009

Sora no Otoshimono - そらのおとしもの

by 00:33

If nose bleeding was as common in reality as in animation, I would be suffering from anemia in the ICU by now...

If fan-service is your forte and your fetish, look no further for this Fall's super bare-bodying series that ranked top 5 of the animes this season.

Fan-service is no stranger to many of us (as some started watching anime because of this factor). Having lots of filtered scenes with exposed 'oppai' or 'oshiri' in many parts of the show, I has already claim a top spot on my list.

Tomoki loves his peaceful life in a country town, but a strange girl often enters his dreams, asking for his help. One night, a buxom angel suddenly falls on him from the sky. She turns out to be an "entertainment purpose angeloid" -- and his peaceful life is done for.
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