05 November 2009

Parody VS Battle VS Fan-service

by 19:45

It seems that Autumn's Top 10 Fall 2009 Anime lineup has a few things in common. Well, most of them fall under one or more of these 3 categories;

  • comedic parody,
  • sci-fi battles,
  • exposed fan-service.

Not that I'm complaining, of course... Here's a recap of a few top 10 animes and highlights.


So, the first anime which should be sued for copyright infringement is Seitokai no Ichizon (Discretion of the Student Council).

Full of slap-stick and hilarious comedy with no obvious plot, in a way, it's the new "Lucky Star" but on a more realistic and modern state (like adding a harem-loving character...)

In just four episodes, there's already this many parodies;

  1. Lucky Star
  2. Dragon Ball Evolution
  3. Suzumiya Haruhi (if you can read kanji)
  4. Higurashi (its yandere, go figure)
  5. Death Note
  6. Haruhi (baseball episode)
  7. Yugi-Oh
  8. Maria-sama ga Miteru
  9. Jigoku Shoujo
  10. 11eyes?
  11. Needless?
  12. Strike Witches
  13. K-ON!
  14. Shuffle (ED)
Please expect more anime references and humor in future episodes to come.

Seitokai no Ichizon - 生徒会の一存
Saturday 2.00AM (GMT +9) JST

Well, this has parodies as well but its all with reference to CLAMP characters since this IS a CLAMP production.

Cant help but notice they reused Yuki (CCS) and turned him into a drag. Haha. So is that Toya or Syaoran Li when he's older?

  1. The "infamous apartment" which now houses up to 3 animes (xxxholic, chobits, kobato)
  2. The ever go-happy manager! Forgot her name though
  3. The bakery (Chobits)
  4. Chi & Chi~! (If I had to mention which anime, you fail...)
Heck, this might not be a parody after all!

If we apply the concept of "xxxHolic" and "Tsubasa Chronicles",
Kobato is just another parallel dimension!

Kobato - こばと
Tuesdays 8.00PM (GMT+9) JST

Yes, not even this oppai-bulging, fan-serviced filled anime is safe from parodies.

I remember seeing this somewhere before...errr....help me out here!

And who said Zero is dead?

Kampfer -
Friday 2.00AM (GMT+9) JST


Claiming the No.1 spot on "Top 10 Fall 2009 Anime" polls by 2chan, it was the most anticipated sci-fi, battle anime for this season, ever since news of S2 was in the works.

And they have yet to disappoint us...

Like I said before, expect;

more contractors,
more carnage,
more body bags,

Darker than Black S2
Friday 1.30AM (GMT+9) JST

Well, not really a Autumn/Fall anime here, as its still running since summer! No complains as it will go on until Dec.

'Needless' actually has a lot that needs to be said... (humor me). Along with a great cast of seiyuus like Kitamura Eri (my idol) and other great names, much of the battle scenes has "LMAO" and "ROFL" elements added into it.

I don't remember the last time I watched a serious battle anime while laughing until my eyes tear...

Along with the regular intensive battle scenes are some splendid art and design...

And cute but hilarious scenes in the heat of battle.

Needless - ニードレス
Friday 1.30AM (GST+9) JST


Call it what you like, "oppai anime, pantsu anime". It's just another marketing strategy to boost TV ratings and get suckers like me to buy their merchandises with fan-service. And yes, "suckers" applies to YOU as well!

If I may say, this is an 'evergreen' anime that can be watched numerous times without the boredom after the 5th re-watch.

Ever hilarious, ever busty, every man's dream~!

Already a big hit on TV, claiming 5th in the popular polls, expect a lot from the number of sales for the Blue-ray DVD once available.

Sora no Otoshimono - そらのおとしもの
Monday 12.00AM (GST+9) JST

Also another highly anticipated anime for Fall, which is quite a surprise considering it's only a side-story from To Aru Majutsu no Index. Nonetheless, they noticed it was popular and produced a series anyway.

Along with the deadly 'railgun' fire and cool esper powers,
Railgun does have a modest amount of fan-service...

Side-story or not, as long there are certain elements(yuri,oppai,etc...) in an anime, IT WILL SELL!

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun - とある科学の超電磁砲(レールガン)
Saturday 1.30AM (GMT+9) JST

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