13 April 2010

Seiyuu Comparisons - Spring 2010 (#4)

by 01:21
BRS is finally animated?
Danny's mascot gets an anime debut?
HOTD has finally un-hiatus and now animated?
Baka test S2 given the green light?
Spring really is the mark of new beginnings...

A few weeks back, I tried to remember why did I make this type of post in the first place, using pictures of characters instead of the actual seiyuu face. Then it hit me...

Its because people are ignorant of who the actual seiyuu is...

Unfortunately, it's a lot easier to remember the characters face than to distinguish them from their voices alone, such is the way the human brain works, recognizing visuals instead of vocals alone. Which is why voice actors are less appreciated and taken for granted. This kinda irks me from time to time, especially with 'people' claiming to be otakus but don't even know the seiyuus names. I'll leave the trolling of that definition for another post, as we move on to the main content of this month's comparisons.

Apart from dreaming of meeting Danny Choo in London at his home (for some reason), this season's lineup has it's ups and downs. Week 1 has barely passed, but I'm still hopeful of how things will turn out. It's week 1 after all.With the moe blob rolling along, I can't help but realize the lack of GAR and action shows, which I miss for some reason. Guess the industry moves to where the demand is? If so, this is a sad, sad reality...

[Tamura Yukari]
Yamada                                            Takamchi Nanoha

From elite officer to high school slut? Our poor Nanoha has fallen from grace...

I can see the ending already though; she doesn't get laid...

[Abe Atsushi]
Kosuda Takashi                             Kamijo Toma

His voice was too familiar to go unnoticed. But still unlucky in a sense. Fukou da...

[Noto Mamiko]
Kosuda Kazuki                                   Kuronoma Sawako

Didn't noticed her disguised voice at all. Must be the stereotyping of her voice in my head for the past 25 episodes in Kimitodo.
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