13 August 2010

Seiyuu Comparisons - Summer 2010 (#8)

by 23:35
Exams are 4 weeks a-away?!
Japan has been enjoying a rather unbearable heatwave that's been going around, forcing many residents to shy away from bustling streets, to the comfort of their air-conditioned rooms.
Of course, now's the best time to kick back, relax, sweat while gulping down a nice Long Island or pantsu-in-a-cup for some, or just hitting the beach and on girls to fight against that imaginary sun hanging above you.

OR you could just head over to the Holy Grail festival, Comiket 78 this weekend, camp prior to the event for 3 nights in a row to secure an ambush position, fight for a few doujin works, while breathing in re-re-re-used oxygen despite the air-conditioning system, only to rub elbows (literally) against sweat-soaked comrades before the rest of a thousand nations of the Persian (Japan) Empire descends upon you...

"Yeah, my thoughts exactly. Plan B sounds a heck lot cooler than relaxing in a building or hanging out on a strip of sand. "

Apologies for the lack of posts this month. I've hit a slump with both assignments and motivation.
Not to mention a certain ISP has been lowering speed for certain files (avi. mkv. mp4.) in their attempts to curb pirating which, I daresay, is pretty futile as I've recently turned to an awesome solution to get my daily fixes.

Since I'm in the same continent as Japan, my fellow countrymen and I are experiencing similar levels of the heatwave, much like the ups and downs of the currently fluctuating economy. Been going to the pool (I wanna go to the beach! TT_TT) recently, to wash off that lingering heat or just staying cooped up in my nest with the air-con unit blowing at 16° Celcius. Yes, it's that bad/hot.....

So it's already August, midway through our summer lineup. Been getting lots of sequel news recently (YES!) for the following seasons to come, but lets return to the subject at hand which is this season. Lots of interesting titles, which are very appropriate for Summer. From bikini-beach episodes to yokai sightings with lots of kaidan banashi 
(怪談ばなし, ghost story), these are just the few things that add up to a fun filled Japanese summer..... I think.

I'll be busy next month as exams are creeping up silently, with the days passing ever so speedily. Next comparison will be around the same size (~30 seiyuu) but delayed. However, I'll keep posting bi-weekly new updates to keep this humble blog from falling short of being dead. Follow my Twitter account for more daily news as it's much easier than posting a huge article such as this.(Twitter is on za right ->)

Seiyuu Comparisons

[Nakai Kazuya]
Date Masamune                                                 Roronoa Zoro

GET YOUR GUNS ON and LETS PARTY with more slashing scenes, dancing samurai and insane Engrish. Who else better to voice Date than Zoro from One Piece. 
I hope Zoro levels up to 4 swords in the coming arc...

[Hoshi Souichirou]
Sanada Yukimura                                                   Yamato Kira

More bonding sessions with YUKIMURA! and OYAKATA-SAMA! 
But then. that's the so called seishun (青春, youth), right?

[Morita Masakazu]
Maeda Keiji                                                  Kurosaki Ichigo

I knew his voice was from somewhere. Just couldn't put it as I lost contact to where the Bleach series is going. Been reading the comic only and it looks like another 30~50 chapters will finish it.

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