13 August 2010

Seiyuu Comparisons - Summer 2010 (#8)

by 23:35
Exams are 4 weeks a-away?!
Japan has been enjoying a rather unbearable heatwave that's been going around, forcing many residents to shy away from bustling streets, to the comfort of their air-conditioned rooms.
Of course, now's the best time to kick back, relax, sweat while gulping down a nice Long Island or pantsu-in-a-cup for some, or just hitting the beach and on girls to fight against that imaginary sun hanging above you.

OR you could just head over to the Holy Grail festival, Comiket 78 this weekend, camp prior to the event for 3 nights in a row to secure an ambush position, fight for a few doujin works, while breathing in re-re-re-used oxygen despite the air-conditioning system, only to rub elbows (literally) against sweat-soaked comrades before the rest of a thousand nations of the Persian (Japan) Empire descends upon you...

"Yeah, my thoughts exactly. Plan B sounds a heck lot cooler than relaxing in a building or hanging out on a strip of sand. "

Apologies for the lack of posts this month. I've hit a slump with both assignments and motivation.
Not to mention a certain ISP has been lowering speed for certain files (avi. mkv. mp4.) in their attempts to curb pirating which, I daresay, is pretty futile as I've recently turned to an awesome solution to get my daily fixes.

Since I'm in the same continent as Japan, my fellow countrymen and I are experiencing similar levels of the heatwave, much like the ups and downs of the currently fluctuating economy. Been going to the pool (I wanna go to the beach! TT_TT) recently, to wash off that lingering heat or just staying cooped up in my nest with the air-con unit blowing at 16° Celcius. Yes, it's that bad/hot.....

So it's already August, midway through our summer lineup. Been getting lots of sequel news recently (YES!) for the following seasons to come, but lets return to the subject at hand which is this season. Lots of interesting titles, which are very appropriate for Summer. From bikini-beach episodes to yokai sightings with lots of kaidan banashi 
(怪談ばなし, ghost story), these are just the few things that add up to a fun filled Japanese summer..... I think.

I'll be busy next month as exams are creeping up silently, with the days passing ever so speedily. Next comparison will be around the same size (~30 seiyuu) but delayed. However, I'll keep posting bi-weekly new updates to keep this humble blog from falling short of being dead. Follow my Twitter account for more daily news as it's much easier than posting a huge article such as this.(Twitter is on za right ->)

Seiyuu Comparisons

[Nakai Kazuya]
Date Masamune                                                 Roronoa Zoro

GET YOUR GUNS ON and LETS PARTY with more slashing scenes, dancing samurai and insane Engrish. Who else better to voice Date than Zoro from One Piece. 
I hope Zoro levels up to 4 swords in the coming arc...

[Hoshi Souichirou]
Sanada Yukimura                                                   Yamato Kira

More bonding sessions with YUKIMURA! and OYAKATA-SAMA! 
But then. that's the so called seishun (青春, youth), right?

[Morita Masakazu]
Maeda Keiji                                                  Kurosaki Ichigo

I knew his voice was from somewhere. Just couldn't put it as I lost contact to where the Bleach series is going. Been reading the comic only and it looks like another 30~50 chapters will finish it.

[Morikawa Toshiyuki]
Katakura Kojuurou                                                 Sephiroth

I've got respect for this sidekick. So loyal, so noble, so handsome (cue fangirls cry), so awesome. 
I can clearly see why Sengoku Basara 2 got the 5.4% ratings in Kanto. That's over 2 million viewers!!!

[Genda Tesshou]
Takeda Shingen                                                Kyuubi

Been wondering if  Kai no Tora (甲斐の虎, Tiger of Kai) has something to do with the Kyuubi....
Well, I hardly get to hear the Kyuubi speak, apart from the constant howls and battle cries...

[Okiayu Ryotaro]
Toyotomi Hideyoshi                                         Kuchiki Byakuya

If I remember my Japanese history, Toyatomi was just a commoner with a 'normal' body who rose to glory. How he ended up with this size is beyond my imagination..........but I like it!

[Park Romi]
Uesugi Kenshin                                                       Edward Elric

I'm having trouble looking at Uesugi as a man (history states his gender), but the show says otherwise...
Good to see Park (or Paku) having another role after the end of FMA. 
FYI; FMA OVA is expected. 

[Kuwatani Natsuko]
Kasuga                                              Asukara Ryouko

Errr.... What can I say about her? 
Apart from the moe-yuri-overload everytime she make the slightest eye contact....

[Nojima Hirofumi]
Kiriki Liszt                                         Kitamura Yuusaku

He remains a mystery. And no, I'm not into this trap thank you very much.

[Horie Yui]
Kiriki Alice                                              Kushieda Minori

Haha. So she got a serious role this time? Maybe I'll rewatch Toradora over the break...

[Toyosaki Aki]
Ryuuguu Otohime                                             Hirasawa Yui

If you didn't spot her, you phail. Seriously. And what's this about K-ON! ending I hear???

[Kawasumi Ayako]
Tsurugaya Otsuu                                                 Saber

Another servant role! Yay Ayako! I'm really praying for another Nodame role sometime soon. 
Can't get enough of MUKYAAAs and GYABOOOOs 

[Koyama Kimiko]
Le Fay Majolika                                              Tsukuyomi Komoe

No story or info about her yet, so I assume we'll cross to her arc sometime later. 

[Hikasa Yoko]
Kumashiro Maya                                                   Akiyama Mio

YAY! Our Hikasa has been given a lead role!!! 
*pops champagne and throws confetti* 
Hope more main roles are in store for her. xD

[Mizushima Takahiro]
Uchida 'Bunmei' Fumiaki                                    Romeo C. Montague

Romeo x Juliet is one of those "Awww....dam" shows with unsatisfactory endings.
I share that feeling as well. =(

[Fukuyama Jun]
Nura Rikuo                                       Lelouch Lamperouge

OMFG! Jun, you basterd! Landed another lead role eh? 
And a non-human role again! Well, Lelouch wasn't human, now was he? xP

[Hirano Aya]
Ienaga Kana                                                  Oshino Shinobu

Has she gone back to reality TV or will she abandon her role? 
Who knows for sure, but she'll be doing another role as Shinobu's arc will be animated in Kizumonogatari

[Horie Yui]
Oika Tsurara                                                    Mishima Akane

Uwahhhhh! She may be old, but her voice is still so sweet! xD
She fits the Yuki-onna role perfectly. And very cute to boot! 

[Sakurai Takahiro]
Kubinashi                                                  Oshino Meme

We'll be seeing more of Meme too in the Kizumonogatari

[Yasumoto Hiroki]
Aotabou                                                                   Agmi

I wonder what youkai type is this. Need to brush up on youkai (妖怪, Jfolk creatures and ghost) I guess.

[Toriumi Kousuke]
Kurotabou                                                      Yuri Powell

Been seeing lot of Powell recently. Must be the new figure by Alter. (cue fangirls cry)

[Sugita Tomokazu]
Zen                                                              Hoshi

Everybody's favourite doggie for Haruhi is back! xD

[Hikasa Yoko]
Amakusa Shino                                                     Akiyama Mio

And *BAM!* she lands another lead role!
This time, a perverted student president. She can play a boke (ボケ, funny-man) as well as her tsukkomi (突っ込み, straight-man) role rather well.

[Satou Satomi]
Shichijou Aria                                                   Tanaka Ritsu

She has got to be one of the most unbelievable and deceptive seiyuu voice. 
Looking between both characters with every episode release of both shows, my impression of her is rather messed up...

[Asanuma Shintaro]
Tsuda Takatoshi                                                 Kousaka Junpei

I wonder why he's complaining most of the time. I'd be happy enough to enter an all-girls school myself. 
In other news, Nyan Koi! season 2 should be around the corner of next year???

[Yahagi Sayuri]
Hagimura Suzu                                                  Sairenji Haruna

I don't know the pains of midgets or people-shorter-than-me.
I'm 6ft. Yes, I brag =P

[Kobayashi Yuu]
Yokoshima Naruko                                              Ichinose Nagi

This has got to be a mix win of awesome character playing and my fantasy of Kobayashi Yuu talking dirty to me. That husky-male-yet-feminine-coarse voice,  whispering sweet little things into my ear like "Oh, ye-*CENSORED*"

[Arai Satomi]
Hata Ranko                                                      Shirai Kuroko

How can I forget her. It's rather annoying when she screams about, but this role is rather good with her natural tsukkomi/boke voice.

[Tachibana Shinnosuke]
Sahashi Minato                                          Soma Asman Gadal

Glad Kuroshitsuji has continued, but how there's a new twist. 
Even Prince Soma's curry bread can't help.....

[Hayami Saori]
Musubi                                                               Ikaros

A cheery-bouncy voice in contrast to a flat monotone. Well, both are still angels with wings =P

[Hanazawa Kana]
Kusano                                                         Suwa Amaki

Noticed her in Strike Witches 2? I did, immediately. 
Hope she gets more screen time as SW moves on.

[Inoue Marina]
Tsukiumi                                                Tachibana Wataru

Love her tsuntsun & deredere voice. Now she has 6 rivals to complete against. Haha!

[Endo Aya]
Matsu                                                     Sheryl Nome

If I swap Matsu with Sheryl, I'd take Minato's place any day! xD

[(Nogami) Yukana]
Kazehana                                                                   C.C.

One of the boldest sekirei. And strongest. And largest. 
Hope the new Code Geass starts soon >_<

[Kaida Yuki]
Homura                                                              Echidna

Another husky-feminine voice. Another winged sekirei. Another wive. 
Curse you, Minato.....

[Ohara Sayaka]
Asama Miya                                                         Ashford Milly

The strongest of all sekirei, who held the ex-title of #01. Whether she is part of the game or not, no idea but some evidence point to a strong YES. 


Blacksun88 said...

impressive collection. many of my favourite seiyuus are up there ^^ but seriously, is Nojima Hirofumi playing a female character? thats... too crazy xD

The Extroverted Otaku said...

Lol. His voice is rather......err.... girlish in a sense. But it was only for 1 epi. =)

roberto__ww said...

Hell yeah! Arai Satomi FTW!!

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