23 September 2011

Fate/Zero Tokushima Awa Odori Festival Tapestires

by 23:01
Spotted at Tokushima airport, these beautiful tapestries were draped to welcome visitors, while signalling the approaching and inevitable 4th Holy Grail War, due to begin this October 2011.

While we're on topic, I'd like to elaborate a little on the following characters in Fate/Zero, specifically on the Servants. As a history faggot, I find the concept of incorporating "Heroes of the Past" into celestial summoning to battle amongst themselves for dominance of the sacred Sangreal (Holy Grail) the epitome of my wildest fantasies realized in animation form.

Thus, its only just if I "spoil" a few details about the Servants, and their "True Name", the hero associated to their respective class. Of course, you could read this all up in the Type Moon Wikia thats available for all to view and edit, but my hands are itchy to write a condensed version (and I'm procastinating from my assignment deadline), so why not.
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