23 September 2011

Fate/Zero Tokushima Awa Odori Festival Tapestires

by 23:01
Spotted at Tokushima airport, these beautiful tapestries were draped to welcome visitors, while signalling the approaching and inevitable 4th Holy Grail War, due to begin this October 2011.

While we're on topic, I'd like to elaborate a little on the following characters in Fate/Zero, specifically on the Servants. As a history faggot, I find the concept of incorporating "Heroes of the Past" into celestial summoning to battle amongst themselves for dominance of the sacred Sangreal (Holy Grail) the epitome of my wildest fantasies realized in animation form.

Thus, its only just if I "spoil" a few details about the Servants, and their "True Name", the hero associated to their respective class. Of course, you could read this all up in the Type Moon Wikia thats available for all to view and edit, but my hands are itchy to write a condensed version (and I'm procastinating from my assignment deadline), so why not.

Known as the best class among the seven Servants, Saber has high ratings in all categories of combat and skill as they utilize mostly melee weapons and their agileness to wear down their opponents; by getting up close and personal, fast.
Throughout the Fate/Zero and Fate/stay Night arcs, there is only one hero associated to this class;
True Name:
Arturia Pentadragon "King Arthur"
In the Fate series, King Arthur was reimagined as a woman instead of a man, whom upholds the responsibility and duties as a king of the highest regard. She embodied most of the "King Arthur" name and reputation; ruling as a just and fair King of Britain from the lengendary castle, Camelot, while mantaining peace with the help of Merlin and the Knights of the Round Table. Her one true desire is to relive her life and have someone else more suitable for the role as King of Britain as a form of repentance after the fall of Britain due to civil unrest and her subject's image of their king; void of emotions and humanity.

Servants of this class are naturally blessed with their superior speed and powerful Noble Phantasms. Their trademark talent throughout the Rider class is the Riding ability; the skill to fully utilize any mounted object, be it war chariots to modern transportation or divine creatures.
In this time line,the True Name of Rider is;
True Name:
Alexander the Great
As the the man whom has conquered his Macedonian neighbours and continued his campaign as far as India, Alexander went by many names; Iskandar, King of Kings, Al-Sikandar and the Maharaorajah. His ultimate goal was to reach the furtherest borders of the east; the shores of Oceanus, where his grand army and trail of victories lead to him to be known as one of the most successful military commanders of all time.

Hailed as the strongest and most dangerous class in the Holy Grail Wars, Berserkers are generally incarnations of heroes whom have gone "berserk" at one point in their lives. By using Mad Enhancement, all Berserkers may opt to lose their sanity for a power up, giving them superior strength in battle while obeying their master's orders.
The Berserker in this war is closely related to King Arthur as;
True Name:
Lancelot of the Lake
Also known as the Knight of the Lake, Lancelot was viewed as one of Arthuria's most loyal Knights of the Round Table and closest friend. Despite being regarded as the Perfect Knight, due to the affair with Arthur's wife, Guinevere whom was his down fall, Arthuria's refusal to blame him worsened his guilt over his duty as a loyal knight lead him into despair and madness, thus becoming an insane Heroic Spirit for the Berserker class.

Servants summoned as Casters are highly knowledgeable and adept in magecraft, their forte over other classes. Their special ability, Territory Creation allows Casters to alter their space around to enhance their sorcery. 
True Name:
Gille de Rais "Bluebeard"
A French nobleman who was once comrade in arms with Joan of Arc and appointed as the Marshal of France. He was also known for being a prolific serial killer of children through decapitation, dismemberment or cervical fracture. Despite these accusations, Gille was still highly regarded as his supporters believed the Church was framing him as part of a plot for revenge against him. Eventually, Gille was sentenced to death for the kidnapping of a cleric and the murder of an unknown number of children to this day. He was hung to death before being set afire.

Trivia: Interestingly in Fate/Apocrypha, a cancelled online Master and Servant game, the Saber class's hero was Joan of Arc, whom acted as the administrator of the war.

As one of the three Knight classes, together with Archer and Saber, Servants in this category are skilled in long-range melee weaponry such as spears and lances to compliment their superior agility in combat. Most Lancers are heroes from folklore that have used such weapons in the past.
True Name:
Diarmuid Ua Duibhne
An Irish tale about the first warrior of the knights of Fianna whom meet a woman that placed a love spot on his forehead, causing any woman who gazed upon the spot to instantly fall in love with him. His death was caused by a wild boar's fangs that gored him badly, while his wife's intended husband, Fionna spilled healing water twice before succumbing to his wounds.

The only class among the seven to be bound by a rule when summoning them. This rule only allows 1 of the 19 original Hassan i Sabbah, leaders of the clans of Hashshahshins, to be summoned from the Assassin class due to the fact that evil Heroic Spirits (such as mass murders) may not be called upon. However, the Assassin in Fate/stay Night was an exception due to the fact the summoning was by Caster, another servant.
True Name:
Hassan i Sabbah "Old Man of the Mountain"
The leader of the al-Assassin, Hassan has always been summoned throughout the Holy Grail Wars. His involvement in the serial killings of famous scholars earned him the title of one of the very first terrorist organisations in the world.

Servants of this class are exceptionally proficient in projectiles and long-ranged weaponry. As one of the three Knight class, Archers could survive longer without their Masters nearby or even alive, due to their special ability, Independent Action, which allows them to retain their physical form without a supply of prana, the power source of magecraft.
True Name:
Gilgamesh "King of Heroes"
The legendary Sumerian King Gilgamesh was a conceited and tyrannical ruler, as he was born into great wealth and divinity. He embarked on a quest for immortality, after witnessing the death of his most loyal friend, Enkidu which failed in the end after learning that true immortality can only be achieved through the legends dead men leave behind.

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