25 January 2010

Seiyuu Comparisons - Winter 2010 (#1)

by 23:21
Ever wonder how some characters sounds soooo familiar but just can't recognize them? 
Or even find out later the actual seiyuu sounds different from the previous character? 

You are (Not) Alone...

I've always wondered too. So this topic will be a monthly (or every season) post (i'll try =.=) on who's playing what role in the current shows. Inspired by my previous post XD

The comparisons are quite shocking...

[Miyano Mamoru]

 Kida Masaomi      Setsuna F Seiei

[Kamiya Hiroshi]
Orihara Izaya          Koyomi Araragi

[Hanazawa Kana]

Sonohara Anri             Sengoku Nadeko
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