03 April 2011

Gundam Unicorn: Then and Now

by 10:54
A small comparison chart of characters from the Universal Century timeline anime "Gundam Unicorn"

The original designs (left) are from the novel, followed by the adaptation designs (right).

The drawings give off a feeling of vintage and retro-ness that is rarely found in today's character designs. Maybe its just me, but I've come to appreciate how they retained that UC era feel ^^

The Many Faces of Hikasa Youko

by 02:46
Why isn't there a bigger reso for such a divine image...

Hikasa Youko, or as I and many others like to call her, "Hiyocchi" has voiced quite a handful of noteworthy characters up till now. Thou she may sound pretty common as any other seiyuu to many viewers, Hiyocchi's talent for singing is real, blowing away everyone's eardrums when she debuted in music comedy anime "K-ON!", propelling her to stardom as a noteworthy and talented seiyuu too.

When Madoka Meets Doraemon

by 02:06
Was surfing 2ch when I spotted this.
As someone who grew up watching Doraemon from time to time, this had me spilling my drink.

Even when time travelling, do remember to look out for paradox crossroads and the occasional warp tunnel bumps 

Now, if only we can jump forward in time to see the supposedly leaked 12th episode scenario title.
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