01 April 2011

April Fool Sites Gallery 2011

by 22:50

A compilation of sites found to be "announcing" some questionable information.
Companies such as TYPE-MOON, Good Smile Company, Nitroplus and even Akihabara join the foolwagon.

Mikatan Joins April Fool Bandwagon

by 02:35

Like I mentioned before in the supposedly "new anime project", Mikatan is joining in to pull some pranks on everyone.

「Madoka Magica」12th Episode Finale Scenario Revealed

by 02:09
Despite the suspension of mahou-shoujo-culling anime "Puella Magi Madoka Magica" which will have its broadcast schedules resuming in April, the final episode title has been apparently "revealed/leaked" by "Yahoo Japan Auctions".

「WORKING!!」Web Animation Announced & VHS Vol.1 On Sale

by 01:09

On the 1st of April, Wagnaria.com has ended the countdown, revealing a surprising announcement; an anime project.
A trailer has been prepared, introducing brand new characters into the "Working!" series with the new series as a WEB animation project.
The web versions will be sold on VHS (that's right, V-H-S tapes) starting with Vol.1 going on sale today.

The trailer, available at the previous link or here, shows a brief introduction of 2 characters. Make sure to watch it till the very end, where they reveal a surprising conclusion which is...

「Amagami」Otaku Buys 21 Volumes, "Gentlemen Among Gentlemen"

by 00:24

With today's release of the new PS2/PSP Amagami game "eb!+colle Amagami", fans waste no time in splurging everything for their waifu Ayatsuji limited edition copies.
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