01 April 2011

「WORKING!!」Web Animation Announced & VHS Vol.1 On Sale

by 01:09

On the 1st of April, Wagnaria.com has ended the countdown, revealing a surprising announcement; an anime project.
A trailer has been prepared, introducing brand new characters into the "Working!" series with the new series as a WEB animation project.
The web versions will be sold on VHS (that's right, V-H-S tapes) starting with Vol.1 going on sale today.

The trailer, available at the previous link or here, shows a brief introduction of 2 characters. Make sure to watch it till the very end, where they reveal a surprising conclusion which is...

(click and drag above to reveal)

If you watched to the end of the trailer like I said, you would have realized it was an April Fool's joke by the guys at Wagnaria. The whole website has been replaced to fool everyone. Even the staff, news and character links have been removed and replaced with non-existent characters in the "Working!" universe.

Seems the countdown was a hoax after all.

On this day, it has become a trend for companies in Japan to pull pranks on others by putting out "fool" announcements. Every year, a few sites will play these pranks, so no one should take things seriously on the 1st of April. Last year was in turmoil as much of these "announcements" from many companies were taken seriously ^^

Be prepared to be bombarded with fake information for the whole day!

But who knows? They might reveal some "true" information after April Fool has passed, so don't give up hope yet, cause I'm looking forward to watching a Working! S2 if there is one ^^

Meanwhile, 2ch has been duped and taking it pretty hard;
What're your feelings now?
Hey, what're you feeling? 

I need to learn how to do this ASCII art. xD
Any recommendations/links?


Anonymous said...

April Fool eh? Remind me the birth of Kasane Teto

Blacksun88 said...

april fool pranks definitely XD

Yourtime said...

I have too say, I don't get it how could get the satan gesture to "yay peace" .. I mean.. satan -> metalfans -> rocker -> "peace? all great" XD

Fantasy said...

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