23 September 2009

Fall/Autumn 2009 Schedule Highlights

by 21:17

For the pass few weeks
, I've been really busy thanks to my inconsiderate lecturers, but whatever. At least I'm having a break now, so I can resume my hobby of blogging! Hahaha. "Dont'cha love da holidays?!"

For many of us, its just that time of year again where the season changes, from very sunny days to much soggy weeks to come. That time again to bring out your winter clothes for the long cold and wet days to come (if you happen to be in the northern hemisphere, but to the folks in the South, happy spring!)

Well, not for us otakus~! The shift of Sept to Oct has been smoothly moved by the release schedule of this fall's lineup of show to come. BANZAI~!

If you guys haven't seen the schedule yet (stupid remark here...), visit Hashihime for the entire lineup.

So for now, I'll just highlight the main attractions that caught my eye out of the 57 titles...

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