23 September 2009

Fall/Autumn 2009 Schedule Highlights

by 21:17

For the pass few weeks
, I've been really busy thanks to my inconsiderate lecturers, but whatever. At least I'm having a break now, so I can resume my hobby of blogging! Hahaha. "Dont'cha love da holidays?!"

For many of us, its just that time of year again where the season changes, from very sunny days to much soggy weeks to come. That time again to bring out your winter clothes for the long cold and wet days to come (if you happen to be in the northern hemisphere, but to the folks in the South, happy spring!)

Well, not for us otakus~! The shift of Sept to Oct has been smoothly moved by the release schedule of this fall's lineup of show to come. BANZAI~!

If you guys haven't seen the schedule yet (stupid remark here...), visit Hashihime for the entire lineup.

So for now, I'll just highlight the main attractions that caught my eye out of the 57 titles...


  • Darker than Black S2 : Ryuusei no Gemini
A very anticipated anime ever since rumors and info leaks were made by Bones. A definite favourite on my part as I had recently re-watched the first season;

Following the events after S1, "The Syndicate" has begun to hunt for the traitor, Hei the "Contractor's Reaper" and Yin after their betrayal at Hell's Gate. Running as far as Russia, they encounter a 13 year-old Eurasian girl, somehow mixed up in the turmoil as new enemies as well as old one's from MI6 target them. The title "Comet of Gemini" might have some ties to Hell's Gate. A comet can only be seen in the night sky, but the whole of Japan is covered with a "fake"sky. So how to they see it? That's my speculation as the girl has something to do with it.

But one thing is guaranteed. There will be more action, new contractors, new powers and a lot more electrocuted bodies along the way...

  • Kämpfer
A very interesting title with a very interesting plot as well. I've read the manga as it's quite something. Nonetheless, it is something to look out for;

A boy wakes up, only to find he had transformed into a girl's body. Somehow, he has changed ,according to a "Tiger", because he has been chosen as a warrior "
Kämpfer'. Now, he must battle with other female Kämpfers with swords, guns and sorcery to win.

One of my fav seiyuu, veteran Horie Yui (Hanekawa, Bakemonogatari) will be starring! Quite a messed up storyline, with no idea why
Kämpfer was created, but the selling points might be the ecchi and fight scenes, i think...

  • To Aru Kagaku no Chodenjihou (A Certain Scientific Railgun)
Originally a side-story from "To Aru Majutsu no Index", it has finally been given the green light for an anime production;

In Academy City, where 80% of the 230,000 are students, there lives one of the strongest Level 5 physics/espers, Misaka Mikoto. Starting form Level 1, she has worked her way to receive a Level 5 title which only a handful carry. With electricity as her main power, she is able to converge enough electricity on an object to fire it as a projectile, with the power of a "railgun"...

For a side-story, I was pretty hooked on the manga. A few cameos of Index characters but has a plot of it's own. Very interesting lineup of seiyuus as Toyosaki Aki (Yui, K-ON!) will be in it as well. A sure to watch, thanks to J.C. Staff...

  • Queen's Blade S2 : Gyokuza no Tsugumono
Continuing from S1, Heir to the Throne hopefully introduces more unknown characters left at the end of S1;

Storyline is really simple; warriors of the land assemble and battle to claim the title of "Queen" if the land. Busty women in tight armor (or none at all), sparring or wrestling with other maidens in the mud only to claim victory. Actually, thats all there is to say...

It's a terrible anime but the cast is really wide as well as their reputation. Aya Hirano (Haruhi), Kitamura Eri (Kawashima Ami, Toradora!), Ayako Kawasumi (Alice, Pandora Hearts) and many more famous seiyuus...

  • Tatakau Shisho - The Book of Bantorra (Pandora?)
No idea if there is an error in the title but what-the-heck. I know librarians are quite and docile but when I saw "Armored Librarians"... a "WTF" moment happened...

So the dead are now "books". Great.... So if I wanted to be cremated, just burn the book. Haha. Storyline is interesting enough along with it's title.

The art looks pretty good as well, but my money is on the "Studio David Production" who was most infamous of creating Code Geass S2 (NIPPON BANZAI!). And the fact my beloved Tomatsu Haruka (Lala) will be in it.

  • Nyan Koi!
Another simple plot. A very down-to-Earth and slice-of-life genre of anime, except for the talking cats of course;

Junpei-san HATES cats, simply because of his allergy. But his crush loves them! And to make matters worse, he angered the cat deity, as he now understands them! However, if he does not grant 100 wishes of cats, he will join their ranks...

Was wishing Jun Fukuyama (Lelouch) has a more main role to play, unfortunately not. So its kinda ok I guess. Hopefully the funny and ecchi scenes with comedy mixed in will sustain it...

  • Seikan no Buratsukusumisu (Blacksmith...)
One of my fav backgrounds; Medieval! Lots of sword fighting, heroism and adventure
(I'm a guy who loves shounen shows. Sue me for my interest)

Starting point is pretty simple, with a few episodes to build up the meeting of characters. Hopefully it will get more complicated along the way.

Lots of hope with the cast, Okamoto Nobuhiko (Layfon, Regios) and Toyosaki Aki (Yui). But can't say the same for the director and writer which did Pokemon and Shuffle.... how it becomes a battle anime, I have no idea. Brace yourself for a great storyline but so-so art and lines.

  • Nogizaka Haruka no Hitmitsu S2 : Purezza
Dedicated to all otakus, it shows the lighter side of the otaku culture (BANZAI) with the hardcore fanatics and cults omitted out;

A rich and brilliant ojou-sama has a terrible secret; she's an otaku~! And worse, she's the closet-type. And she is now dating the guy who first got her interested in this wonderful culture. Together, they explore the otaku world with tons of comedy, gallons of moe and small drops of ecchi. My perfect combo meal...

Re-introducing the sweet voice, Mamiko Noto (Kotomi, Clannad) with the rest of the cast pulled back from S1. Here's to hoping for more moeness~!

  • Fairy Tail
If pirate aren't your forte (no offence but I hate OP, can't keep up =S), then switch over to the magical world of Fairy Tail!

Lucy hopes to join the world's most infamous guild, Fairy Tail. A guild filled with awesome mages and sorcery, she searches a way to join fairy tail but stumbles upon Natsu, a boy who can't even ride a car due to this chronic motion sickness. But he turns out to be one of the legendary mages in Fairy Tail, Natsu "The Salamander"...

Been following the manga and pretty good so far (if you read Natsu's name in eng, it goes "The Salamander of Summer".... I think). Sure win with a awesome cast line up like Aya Hirano (Haruhi) and Kugumiya Rie (Shana) and many more. Just pray it doesn't end up mainstream, stretching for a few 100+ episodes...


  • Black Rock Shooter Project
A spin off from the electronic songstress, Hatsune Miku, Black Rock Shooter is apparently the darker version of her (as a reminder, they are completely different).

I caught the full trailer shown at Animelo Summer 2009. And I had a temporary, "OMG" moment going through my head... If you havent seen it, GO SEE IT~!

Like all series and OVA, they come with great songs. This one will be composed by 'ryo' hte genius who did the ED for Bakemonogatari. Still love that song....

  • To-Love Ru
A friend of mine was weeping the other day as he thought the 3rd OVA was the last, only to have me break the news that 3 more were coming out. Haha. Imagine a smile wider than dragging a line over your monitor....now drag it further to your second monitor.

I don't think this needs any introduction at all, seeing that it gets all the publicity from 2ch and various sites. A definite must-watch OVA~!

With the return of my beloved, Tomatsu Haruka~! BANZAI BANZAI~! Only hope the art improves from then on.

  • Macross F
What can I say? I am a huge fan of Gundams and mecha. This was immediately in my MUST WATCH LIST~!

Zooming Messiah's with creepy Bajuras on their tail, I can't think of a better ecstasy that feeling the adrenaline when thinking flying one. Not sure about the storylione yet but I'll watch it anyway~!

  • AkiXSora
I never knew this was gonna be made into an OVA... not at all. If you are into the sis-con, bro-con, or incest category, you may jump out the window now.

The manga was pretty good so I can only hope the OVA is as well. Not for the faint of heart as the manga was,uh....how to say......stimulating in a way....i think.

Best regards to one of my fav seiyuu, Kitamura Eri (Kawashima Ami, Toradora!) for pulling off a lead role in THIS genre...

  • kissxsis
Another err....stimulating anime. A sequel to the first 2 OVAs, this has quite a lot of elements; ecchi, comedy, romance, bro-con, incest....

A story of 2 twins (who are not blood-related) living with their new brother after their mom and dad remarried. However, these 2 just don't know when to keep their hands out of his pants...

Can't wish for mush here as a lot of it from the manga itself. Can only wish for awesome comedy and art to come...

Well, I think that's all I have a real interest in. There's a lot more I haven't mentioned but will watch them anyway... Now to buy a new HDD for the following series to come......

Pictures and information courtesy of Hasihime

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