01 January 2011

C79 (冬) Day 3: Japan Visits Comiket 79 (literally)...

by 01:56
And a thousand nations of the Imperial Empire descends upon you...
Day 3 was dragged as far as it could, with many still lingering around or just waiting for the New Year's sunrise, but that's irrelevant.

Comiket 79 (Winter) has finally ended, with Day 3 attracting up to 200,000 attendees. 
And the grand total of the 3 holy days?

520,000 visitors...

It was another record turnout, with Day 3 recording the highest amount of people converging at Big Sight while Day 1 and 2 shared 160,000 a piece.

So what lies ahead from here on? 
Recently announced Comiket 80 -Summer- (C80 夏) will be hosted again by "Tokyo Big Sight" on 12th to 14th August, despite the recently approved Bill 156.

Instead, pamphlets regarding the new regulations titled "Comiket Appeal", an information booklet regarding how the event is run, how circles are expected operate, what are the rules, what are the changes, maps, history of the Comic Market, etc. It has a section in it that informs circles what the laws they need to keep in mind. - ANN

Sounds rocky with such a foggy future for doujin works but hopefully all will turn out well in 2011.

So where do I go from here?
I will be covering Wonder Festival 2011 in February (if someone surprises me with a box of extra time) and maybe the Anime Expo in March, all in the same fashion; clusterphobic images right here on figure.fm.

Time to down a few bottles and get high while we countdown to 2011.
Happy New Year!
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