04 May 2010

Figures Ordered (Q2 - 2010)

by 17:00

I practically forgot about this post. Intended to make a quarterly post, instead of some blog highlighting what they pre-ordered the second the deposit has been paid. It's more effeciant and collective this way (and saves me from posting everytime due to my lazy attribute) 

We're barely entered May and I've already PO-ed some goodies which, I might add, are irresistible. Perhaps I'll post what I've ordered for Q1 instead as a summary. But whatever.

Been money managing my purchases, comparing a "must-get" to "have-to-get" buying impulses. Quite difficult as evil manufactures like GSC and MaxF continue to churn out hordes of irresistibly-cute figures any die-hard fan would love to acquire.

Nonetheless, we still fall prey and victim to their marketing strategies, continuously pounding the shit out of Mr. Wallet and his loyal men of bills and coins. So far, it has been a lopped, one-sided battle on my part as GSC, particularly, keeps sending out more enemies than I can keep up with Mr. Wallet and his disappearing merry men.
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