05 February 2010

Figures Ordered (Q1-2010)

by 12:39

From gundam to nendoroid, puchi to PVC, model kits to macross, it's been quite a strain on Mr. Wallet for the past few months. Who said any hobby was cheap anyway?

Nonetheless, I have no regrets (like others) once the figure/model is sitting on our shelf, staring at us.

I don't claim to know all about figures or the different versions and what makers are good. My collection is just starting to grow as I was closed-closet type until last year. Since then, my treasures have grown quite considerably. For the new year, I thought I'd spend on my self on a few figures, here and there.

Here's some of the stuff I've ordered. May you be inspired to buy a few as well;


When it comes to models kits, my faith would be entrusted into this religion. A company since the 80's, it's one of the oldest and longest running company since the time of Gundam. 

Been saving up loads for this model. A rare and uncommon model to be collected. Really hard to find but fortunately, many thanks to a local supplier, the shipment is due to make port soon.

ETA: February

If there was ever a company I'd condemn, its would be GSC. Always releasing high quality figures along with their nendoroid series, definitely the enemy of Mr.Wallet.

Nendoroid Puchi: Fate/stay Night

OMG! How unbelievably CUTE! When I first saw them at the expo, I knew I had to get the set of 12 (1 box)
Paid half-a-leg to get his but worth all the trouble. 

ETA: June

Nendoroid Puchi: Bakemonogatari Set #1

Another petit (pls stop , GSC, you're killing me!) released by them. 

From Bakemono, I've been a fan ever since Hitagi-san's bath scene ^^" 

The 2nd set is due somewhere this year but unsure of 'when'. Please give me time to respawn Mr.Wallet, I beg of you!

ETA: April

 Nendoroid Nakano Azusa #104


Mr.Wallet is officially dead for the next few months. Never before have I wanted to get a nendoroid so much since Akiyama Mio. 

Only one word could describe her; "N-Nyaaa~" XD

ETA: May-June

So thats it. I'm really broke. I've strained Mr.Wallet to the point he's given up. *sniff* 

Need to wait for my next payday I guess. ^^ 



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