01 August 2009

Kara no Kyoukai 6: Boukyaku Rokuon | Garden of Sinners: Oblivion Recording

by 17:43

Been awhile since i posted anything as I now have as much sleep as a person suffering from insomnia...

Finally, after waiting forever since the 5th movie of the this Type-moon project, the 6th installment has finally graced the internet, thanks to "gg-TakaJun" subbers~! THANKS~!

So, its set in an school where there is a rumor "fairies" going around the campus, killing people. So, Shiki was assigned to infiltrate the campus and find the indetity of these "fairies" with the help of Kokuto Azaka. Here's a few clips for the day;

A flashback to when Azaka first had her bro-con fetish...

And her present self trying to be moe...rite...

As always, TypeMoon has never failed my expectations when it comes to the backdrop graphics

This was another "What the #$%&~!" moment. Hahaha.

And yea, she's a witch in training. And her specialty; barbecuing stuff till well done

"Err... I asked for an exorcist, not a murder..."

A murderer in nun clothing. Nice...~!

Nothing like spending afternoon tea with a suspect

Even when young, Mikiya was the emo boy

TypeMoon is quite fond of eye related powers. Reminds me of 'Clamp' as well~!

How a fail looks like;

1. Act surprised

2. Then randomly punch her

3. Then hurt yourself instead

Somehow, the culprit's identity never surprise me...

To be honest, my room kinda looks like that

Even with a ruler, there isn't anything she can't cut

Dinner with an exorcist

Yes, you are excused...

Practice for Azaka when she confronts Mikiya

She loves music too.

An example how a nerd can turn into my kind of women later on.

The perfect scene for some horror

Infestation problem? Call 1-800-Shiki

Exactly how you look in the morning. like shit...

Dinner with a magus...

...and you're paying XD

"Evil magus" of the day~!...

..followed closely by "Freak of the Day"~!

Not something you hope to go against without magic

Luckily, she does...

but not that useful apparently...

Pretty hard to deal with...

...if you're opponent has a "God's Word" ability

but, apparently, Shiki wasn't fazed by that

No running in the halls, children...

And certainly no fire~!

Killing fairies, one swipe at a time

Setting the temperature to "well done"...

Victory? Right...

The bro-con and the brother...

Back to being the knife-wielding-cosplaying-emo

Ahh...cannibalism at its best~!

Next movie~! (waiting period: 1 lightyear)

A Golf Outing~!

by 16:00
To start the new month of August 2009, I went to the Xtreme Park Driving Range in Sunway. For those who have no idea where it is, it's right behind the Sunway Medical Center.

So, at around 2.30pm, I meet up with my old high school friends. Guo Yi, Kar Wyai, Nigel Loke, Benjamin Lim and Tatt Fai was already quite a number of people. haha.

Started hitting some balls around. For some warm up you know? Not exactly getting the best of hits as there are more scratches on the ball than my driver. But not complaining.

Well, here's some picture of the day anyway;

Well, this is more or less what it looks like from the second floor. We HAD to go to the second floor cause SOME PEOPLE were too EMBARRASSED to try golf. haha. guess who? (starts with a B)

Well, meet the newbies~! You can tell as we were laughing the most as the others around us were dead silent. In red, Nigel. The chubby but cute one, Kar Wyai (sorry!) and the one who has no idea how to put on a glove, Tatt Fai!

And here's another newbie who goes by the name of Benjamin Lim. And yea, if you wondering, the club is bending. This is normal to anyone who plays golf. (even though he has that much strength to bend it, the ball didn't leave the mat...)

Guo Yi trying out my G10 Ping. Behind is Nigel Throneberr...i mean Loke. As always and like me, he's a hard hitter too. VERY hard.

So yea, this is me. With my G10 Ping. Love my club.

And we have a poser people! Haha. Btw the shot after this picture almost killed Kar Wyai. The ball missed her by a head. So you can say this picture is worth a life and it pays to be short. lol?

The ever serious Tatt Fai trying out how a wood. Never have I seen him more active than this as he was trying his "best" to get the ball over 100.

Yea that's me. And Tatt in front. So I can hit it far. What do you want me to say? That i'm good? haha.

The bag in red is yours truly and the other belongs to my golfing friend, Guo Yi. Well, this whole golf bag plus the contents already enters the 4 digit zone pricing. Please don't think it is expensive as there are some out there with the same price as a car =S

As you can see, she is hardly the golfing type, just sitting around and looking pretty like a mascot while drinking those 100Plus away. Yeah Kar Wyai! haha

So after releasing our pent up energy and stress on the tiny white balls, we tried putting!

Our target was the ash tray on the floor. And yes, he did hit the ash tray. Lucky bastard =D

Right before heading back, we took some photos of the place. So it took Kar took a picture, while Ben took her picture, and I took their picture. Funny how that works huh?

Will organize another golf outing for those who didn't make it that day or want to try!

So until next time, see you guys around!
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