21 April 2011

Nendoroid Generations: The Game

by 12:39
Super Deformation Formation! 

As most of you are aware, the Nendoroid series will be going digital onto a PSP platform sometime soon, titled Nendoroid Generations (ねんどろいどじぇねれーしょん). This is the result of a collaboration with Namco Bandai and Good Smile Company, announced as a project at GSC's 10th Anniversary party which had JAM Project rocking the house ^^.

Nendoroid Gotou Imouto Spotted

by 01:44
Doesn't she look familiar? 

A custom "Nendoroid Gotou Imouto", the younger sister of Kuroneko (or Gotou Ruri) has been given the custom treatment and the detailing is incredible.
She even comes with her plush toy! Such dedication and fandom from a 2ch user ^^

Have a Break, Have a Kyouko

by 01:34
Care for some magical Kyouko Kit Kat?

Ano Hi Mita Index

by 01:22
"We still can't remember the name of the girl we saw that day"

She does resemble a certain nun after all ( ´∀`)

This image has a decent reso, so feel free to use it for your wallpaper ^^
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