21 April 2011

Nendoroid Gotou Imouto Spotted

by 01:44
Doesn't she look familiar? 

A custom "Nendoroid Gotou Imouto", the younger sister of Kuroneko (or Gotou Ruri) has been given the custom treatment and the detailing is incredible.
She even comes with her plush toy! Such dedication and fandom from a 2ch user ^^

Seems Kirino just found a new imouto to play with ( =∀=)

Oops. Looks like Ayase has intervened before Kirino could have her fun ( ´∀`)
Too bad Kirino. Better luck next time ^^" 


Yourtime said...

omfg sweet <3.. oh man, I'm really thinking of buyin the whole ore no imouto set *_*.. specially kuroneko <3

Yoshii-kun said...

@Yourtime I forgot to PO Kuroneko, so I'm stuck with waiting for extra stock or the next batch.
Nendoroid Kirino is going on resale again, so mostly likely Kuroneko will too ^^

Yourtime said...

PO = pre order? o_o

Yoshii-kun said...

@Yourtime Yeap.

Blacksun88 said...

no too bad, not even ayase can stop yoshii-kun or kirino this time XD

Yourtime said...


I had incredible luck yesterday. During my figure buying fight, kuroneko got restocked at 1999 and bought it, but some hours later it was again sold out x_x..

is gotou already avaib.?

Yoshii-kun said...

@Yourtime Yeah, I saw it went up a few minutes yesterday and ordered one too. Still waiting for confirmation tho.

Gotou was released on 27th, so she's long available since then. (and don't bother ordering anything for the whole next week. Its Golden Week now)

Yourtime said...

ah great :D , well I after looking up at my email.. I didn't get it yet too x_X..

@gotou .. really? I can't find her X_X.. not on hlj,1999,amiami even on play-asia (which I only use to look if there is more of something old, like ragnarok xD)..

what's special on golden week?.. well I *cough* ordered... yesterday and today much.. really much.. will be the orders in the goldenweek too? xD.. (with much I mean.. I think around 400€ ~ 1.764 RM).. Well I never bought till yet figures.. but I already have watched animes regulary for 2-3 years ago.. So there are many series, where I want something >_<'..

I thought about figma BRS + PSP WRS.. (both are awesome together), but at first I don't know really the "circle", the second I already bought enough (At first I wanted make a limit of 100€ per season.. well LOL that's impossible.. specially, if K-ON, Angel Beats,Ore no Imouto, MM! and Amagami were in one season (for me))..

Well I'm 100% sure to keep simple rules:
.) buy only figures I like (and not "oh, than I have more kuroneko than kirinos.. and only one of these little bit weird"..)
.) buy max 2 figures of one person (well, that's really difficult..*orderd 3 kuronekos XD)
.) buy merchandise only of animes/mangas you really liked and not because the figure is great (well I broke it already.. bought spice and wolf / steins gate, but didn't watched it yet.. x_x, but I heard often it's awesome and if I don't like it.. I will sell it on ebay for higher price XD.. the figure is good enough)
.) max... 350€ per season (well I think this time I can't count it, it's the beginning x_x)..

I think these rules are enough.. I also decided to buy all mugs of faved shows x).. but only from cospa! (their light effects are awesome)

I hate it, of every .. really every nendo from k-on they made a restock, but not of ritsu T_T.. my favorite of all.. Is it better to buy the others too, regardless whether they restock it or not? Well I want a nendo set of keion.. (they sell the 12 set ... which costs 4k¥ on ebay for 14€ PER FIGURE XD)

Sorry for the much spam ._.".. you are one and only I can spam with it, which is interested in.."showing the love of his show". You said you are not an otaku, I want hear your definition of one, because I don't be one.. (not really to be hones).. I want one like a famous actor, which lives his life + has a big big flavour for something (like barbies doll xD)

Yoshii-kun said...

@Yourtime Golden Week is pretty much a celebration for the whole week since a few holidays are neatly held one day after another in that week.
In a nutshell, companies are closed during that time. Emails and shipping are halted too (check their online company calenders). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_Week_(Japan)

And chances are, Kuroneko is sold out everywhere. Not worried tho. They always restock (Amiami,1999) later on but you've to be quick about it. They restocked Tony Miku before and I managed to procure her =)

That's a good spending limit/rule. I too have placed a limiter on myself, like getting mostly Miku figures and other figures that would otherwise give me diabetes lol.

And I've checked; K-ON Nendo is pretty much sold out everywhere. Something that hot doesn't last very long ^^. You can try Tokyo Hunter to find Ritsu in bargain bins. Alot of figures in JP are sold really cheap after a certain period. This post proves it: http://www.dannychoo.com/post/en/25932/Christmas+in+Akihabara.html

And I don't mind the "spam" ^^. I think its good I can connect and share with readers with similar interests. Not an "otaku" since I'm not exactly one (at least not live like one), since I don't have the spending power or dedication as others I've come across in 2ch. They're on a totally different level, so it would be too presumptuous to call myself one.
Too outgoing or "extroverted" to be one anyway (I play golf and head to the gym on a regular basis)

The term "Extrovert Otaku" might even be an oxymoron since its their natures are conflicting hahaha.

Yourtime said...

@goldenweek ok good to know thanks xD
@restock lol at first I thought you quoted someone AmiAmi 1999 xD then I thought you mean amiami does it since 1999 .. but know I know it xD.. well I hope I get it + gotou, which I didn't find, where did you get these pictures XD did you orderd one?

thanks, I will try to keep my limit, as Student with a "small" parttime job it's not that best situation to be a big fan of something XD, but I think I can keep it .. otherwise I can spend plasma for 20€ per week xD..
@tonymiku congrats, you really like miku, huh? :D well If I buy miku then it should be THAT figure (and maybe a nendo xD).. but they doesn't sell it ~.~.. and the picture looked like a "modded" pre painted one.

@keionnendos, well I could buy all now, but not ritsu -.-..
http://www.archonia.com/mangashop/en/article/86918/k-on!+pvc+figure+-+nendoroid+nakano+azusa+re-issue/ ofc not cheap 44€ = 194,11RM
http://www.archonia.com/mangashop/en/article/88104/k-on!+pvc+figure+-+nendoroid+hirasawa+ui+wave+01/ 32€ = 141,17 RM
http://www.archonia.com/mangashop/en/article/79938/k-on!+pvc+figure+-+nendoroid+yui+hirasawa+re-issue/ 37€ = 163,23 RM
http://www.amiami.jp/shop/?set=english&vgForm=ProductInfo&sku=FIG-MOE-1632&template=default/product/e_display.html 21€ = 94,72 RM

Well okay mio is out too.. (but that's not a wonder xD).. Well I think I will wait as you said and maybe only buy mugi, the others are just to high -.-.. (normal for an american/europe seller)

@tokyohunter, you used him several times or? have I write him just a message or is there something different? whoa nice gal @danny

@spam good to know ^^. hm the only level I know are these of lucky star, genshiken and manga character birthdays with mass figures. xD..
@etroverted ah kk.

Yoshii-kun said...

@Yourtime Lol. Are you talking about the gotou imouto in this post?
Unfortunately, this is a custom made nendoroid puchi by a real "otaku", going as far as to sculpt this. All this time, I thought you were mentioning Gotou AKA Kuroneko. hahaha. sry for not realizing.

The "picture"? You mean for Tony Miku? Not really, since I've got her in front of me and it's more than satisfactory IMO. Will do a figure/loot post later this/next week.

Those prices aren't worth it IMO. You're next best chance is when the K-ON movie comes out. By then, they might rerelease it again for maximum marketing impact lol. No confirmation on that, but cross your fingers, ya?

Only used TH for exclusive stuff that's only available to the domestic/japanese market. He's kinda pricy at times, so I don't use his services too much.
He's set up this new online shop (which is loads better than his previous blog shop). Just register and browse what you'd like. Messages him if you've got something else you'd like for him to find but not listed in at his site.

Yourtime said...


@gotou ya I meant the little sister xD, whoa well I have to say the man got skills xD (k not that much needed but enough to let it look great)..
@picture I meant gotou before xD, but you mean her or? http://www.toyslogic.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=588_90_684&products_id=16047&products_type=1 well I saw it at my news, but ignored it ^^'.. *duck* xD looks great and was one of my possible order one, but wanted that love is war version.

@k-on Ya I thought this too, I mean there comes new manga (and sureley a new anime, thats damn sure!).. So I thought they will restock 100% I mean, hello? They want make money so XD.. thanks :3 (just bought mugi anyway, think amiami is cheap with 2,5k¥)

@th thanks will think about it, now I have to look *scared of it XD* how much I really ordered and how much it will cost.. do you think (as you said before) will the shipment costs then be "together" (for the avaib. prod.), because I made 1-3 orders.

Well I should go sleep it's already 6:27am x_X..XD thanks for the info and good night, if I should talk back xD.

Yoshii-kun said...

@Yourtime Might consider getting Love is War too, depending on when it will be released

TH has a holding period of a month (shipping my snow miku and imouto misaka figma together but releasing on neighbouring months), but that was back then. Not sure if he's extended it, but you'll have to ask him personally if bundle shipping is possible.

Yourtime said...


http://www.e2046.com/product/12794 hope you see this. I don't know if it's on the others sold, but here you could buy it again, I'm checking now, if its on other avaib.

Yoshii-kun said...

@Yourtime Not bad. Quite good for a GK. This isn't officially out yet by GSC btw. But if you prefer it non-painted, thats quite a good price there.

master said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Yourtime said...

well I think about it xD.. you mean the figure isn't out yet, but I thought it was sold out XD?

Yoshii-kun said...

@Yourtime No, definitely not out yet. I keep track of all Miku-related figures and it's yet to come out

Yourtime said...

Ah ok, ofc xD as fan you should know it xD. I pre ordered now my second figma Miku Append x).. I thought it's a special one and it looks great + many functions for that price really nice.

Do you know about the shipping possibilities? I ordered much, but only 2 things are currently in stock (an old azumange ;D and mugi as nendo) .. I alread wrote them a mail, to ask them, if there is a shipping possibility to get them together, to lower the fee. on their site (amiami) stand "sal parcel" and it's good for over 10k¥ orders to europe.. hm well don't know.

What shipping do you choose?

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