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05 May 2012

King Arthur Requires Your Blood [Fate/Zero]

by 19:34
Hear Ye! Hear Ye! 
By order of the King, a blood offering is required from all Tokushima dwellers, both local and foreign, whom come to participate in the biannual ritual, Machi ★ Asobi.

30 April 2012

"Schick x Evangelion" Official Campaign [Eva]

by 17:14
Announced on the official website for Evangelion 3.0, a collaboration between the upcoming movie and men's razor company, Schick has been formed.

26 April 2012

Kyuubee Watch Watches You

by 17:57
If the Kyuubee Dakimakura or Kyuubee Marshmellow wasn't enough for you, prepare yourself for the Kyuubee Watch.

24 April 2012

Azunyan Working as Utility Inspector?

by 03:14
A 2ch netizen was surprised to find his meter inspected by the youngest K-ON! member, Nakano Azusa.

16 April 2012

Hatsune Miku Voted to be Wax Figure at Madame Tussauds

by 12:55
Madame Tussauds, a wax museum with branches in many major cities across the global which features wax replicas of famous people, has received over 6000 requests to create a Hatsune Miku wax figure.

30 December 2011

Comiket 81: Day 1 Summary

by 17:19
It's that time of year again, where the entire otaku fandom and monarch arrive to participate in the this righteous and holy journey of purification to Tokyo Big Sight for one of the largest and most anticipated conventions of the year; Comiket 81.

This year, Comiket 81 Winter is taking place a day earlier, from 29th (Thurs) till 31st(Sat), unlike the usual Friday to Sunday modus operandi as the New Year is coming.

Wont be covering as much as I did last year, all viewable under the "comiket" tag, as I'm celebrating New Year in Penang at the moment, enjoying Asam Laksa with lots of Char Kuey Teow (and the netspeed here is unstable). Nonetheless, a summary of the event is the least I could do.

This might be my only post on CM81 as I'll be out most of the time visiting Penang, so see you guys in 2012!
Merry (Late) Christmas and a Happy New Year!

07 November 2011

5 Days Left...

by 11:51
Been really inactive lately, as I've been busy preparing my body as an offering for my pilgrimage this Friday to Singapore.

As you can see, I'll be attending this year's AFA2011 on all 3 days (well, 2 days, 1 night actually). Should be good as AFA committee has rounded up a bunch of amazing artistes as always each year. Might be my first and very last time to attend AFA as other plans in the future will hinder me from attending next year, so it a definite must-go at this point, besides the Friday concert.

Will be flying early, and arriving on Friday itself. A friend has decided to accompany me, and we should be meeting sumore like-minded individuals and comrades in Singapore. Should be a blast before leaving on Sunday night.

See you guys there!

28 October 2011

Time Machine Crashes into Radio Kaikan

by 11:39
Early this morning, on 28th October, reports of an unidentified machine has crash landed into Radio Kaikan, Akihabara has been confirmed.
El Psy Congroo?

23 October 2011

Lawson x Coca-Cola "iDOLM@STER" Campaign

by 23:35
Continuing right after "A Certain Lawson Drink Campaign", iDOLM@STER is back again and this time collaborating, not only with nationwide konbini Lawson, but with Coca Cola as well, in the "Lawson x Coca Cola iDOLM@STER Campaign".

10 October 2011

TYPE-MOON & Kinchou Manjuu Collaboration

by 18:35
During the Machi Asobi vol.7 anime event which took place at Tokushima, a very special type of confectionery was promoted: TYPE-MOON Manjuus.

Haganai in Shinjuku

by 15:48
Advertisements featuring friend-less anime, "Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai" (Haganai), have been spotted at Shinjuku Station.

09 October 2011

A Certain Lawson Drink Campaign

by 00:46
The next anime to take over Lawson convenient stores would be "a certain" anime, soon to launch the;
"A Certain Drink Campaign" (とある飲料の販促活動).

08 October 2011

Old Couple Play with Anime Jigsaw Puzzles

by 20:23
A special programme by "Nihon no Mikata!" highlighted an old couple's interesting hobby: anime jigsaw puzzles.

Eroge Ita-bus in Kawasaki

by 18:34
Another public transport has been given the "ita" service of fully wrapping a Kawasaki city bus in eroge
"Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai".

01 October 2011

Fate/Zero Ita-bus at Machi ★ Asobi

by 23:39
Awaiting to ferry people all over Tokushima is the one of a kind Fate/Zero ita-bus.

This ita-bus was made for the currently on-going event "Machi ★ Asobi" by anime production studio, ufotable, whom is also the studio behind the Fate prequel. The bus is fully covered with masters and their servants, along with a deformed version of the cast in a festival-themed background. Some of the interior are similar to the Fate/Zero tapestries draped at the Tokushima airport in my previous coverage of that.

This photo coverage includes the exterior, interior and the process of making the ita-bus.
Enjoy them, after the break.

07 September 2011

VocaLawson Campaign Coming Soon

by 08:43
Lawson, the official ota-konbini, has launched yet another campaign, this time a "Lawson x Vocaloid" collaboration to liberate every diehard fan's money from their wallets; the "VOCALAWSON" Campaign.

23 August 2011

TYPE-MOON Cafe for Carnival Phantasm

by 22:54
After the Madoka Magica Cafe madness, which kept extending itself due to overwhelming demand and popularity, has finally ended, the next theme hosted at the Good Smile Cafe will be the "Type-Moon Cafe for Carnival Phantasm" from the magical world of Type-Moon!

22 August 2011

The Hokago Tea Time Ita-Train

by 16:11
Only a few more months till the premier of moeblob series, "K-ON The Movie" and fans are already treated to the ride of their life; The Hokago Tea Time Train. 

13 August 2011

Persona 4 Special Interview

by 23:59
During Day 1 of Comiket 80 2011, a small booklet about Persona 4 The Animation was handed out, which included an interview with the Director Kishi Seiji from Angel Beats! and Producer Adachi Kazuki from Persona -trinity soul.

10 August 2011

How to Make Your Own Mawaru Penguins

by 12:20
Couple of days ago, I shared a post on how to make your own Penguindrum Hat in an active Mawaru Penguindrum thread from 2ch. Today, I'll be sharing how to make your very own Penguins #1, #2 and #3!
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