22 April 2010

Simmoned Figures #1 - Nendoroido Hatsune Miku 「ねんどろいど 初音ミク」

by 13:56
 (I hope this pic doesn't violate any copyr. issues)

I was poking around GSC's site when I came across some interesting articles, particularly this one; concerning fake figurines creeping around in the market.(It seems that this "simmon" meme is here to stay ^^,)

Looking at how they are poorly done, it kinda irked me, as well as GSC, (alot of things have irked me this month, huh?) to think there are people who would actually bother making useless "simmoned" pieces of plastic.

But then again, I expect no less from the country where everything in the world is "made in China", from shoes to LV bags and now; horrendous simmoned figures. So, from time to time, I'll highlight some faux figures on GSC

(note; original context is in Japanese. I do not take credit for the comparison done, simply translating the actual context for English readers with added comments of my own)

Starting with a figure we're all familiar with (and re-runned 3 times already), Nendoroid Hatsune Miku!!!

Threat Level : 3/5
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