13 July 2009

Macross Frontier~!

by 22:22

Yea well, its not really a big thing since Macross F came out sometime ago. But ever since I saw a glimpse of it, I really attracted me, since I'm a huge fan of mecha. I knew I should have started watching is anime earlier. But time is really against me (along with my viewing time for each anime).

Since I had some extra time to watch and download, might as well start. And it did not disappoint me at all. Really love the graphics and art behind the space traveling. Also, the space opera songs sung are just too much for me. Really beautiful pieces to hear. Especially "Diamond Crevasse" and "What 'bout my Star?".

But I can more or less see some similarity on the plots with Gundam Seed/Destiny;

  • A "songstress" on the battle field
  • A boy suddenly thrust into the world of conflict
  • The boy possessing some "skill/talent"
But there are some awesome points to be made that makes it Macross after all;

  • Transformable warships
  • Awesome stream-lined graphics
  • Cool storyline
  • Beautiful BG art of space
Definitely a must watch for mecha junkies and song-passionists. So watch it, k?

Long Live Sheryl Nome~!

GN-0000 00 Gundam

by 02:06

Well, if you have no idea what is a "Gundam" is, please proceed with the following options;

  1. Bang your head on the keyboard.
  2. Write 'Epic Failure' on your forehead with a marker...
  3. Just die. You don't deserve to live.
(Note: this is for those newbies just browsing through random blogs)

Otherwise, just go Google or wiki it for gods sake.....

Sometime ago, I'd say around December 20th? Had a stroll in Times and so happen, 00 Gundam was out~! With a special promotion~! ( well yea it was out earlier so..it wasn't exactly 'just out' ya know?) Bought it for a very reasonable price.

Cover of 00 Gundam 1/144 box)

These are just the side covers of the box. Nice right?

These are the poses and gimmicks the 00 can do.

And of course, the Twin Drive System~!

Well, the art and flexibility was more or less good. And modeling it was hella fun. End result was as expected but not entirely. No panel-lining and paint to detail it was done but overall still a good piece. These are the few end results of the model.

A pose in the air is more fitting for the 00 Gundam. Ground pose would be doing injustice for it.

Love this pose. Don't you? (forgive the strings =S)

The next post is GN-006, The Cherudim Gundam. Look forward to it~!

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