26 August 2009

GNR-010/XN | XN-Raiser | Custom Parts

by 23:16

There is an earlier post regarding this topic, as this post is a follow up and more recent update. The link is here.

The official pictures are out! For those interested in more info of the XN-Raiser, please buy a copy of the Hobby Dengki Magazine at an outlet near you =)

Before, there was much speculation regarding the spec and techs of the unit. All was made clear in the magazine in August 2009. Much of the contents were very surprising, yet expected.

Apparently, this the official cover of the model kit. Very sexy indeed... Big round of applause for Sunrise! (*CLAP*CLAP*CLAP*) Very ingenious art design, especially the detailing of the 00 Gundam with the much anticipated add-on (and its the 40th Anniversary!). Now onwards to the unit design~!

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