26 August 2009

GNR-010/XN | XN-Raiser | Custom Parts

by 23:16

There is an earlier post regarding this topic, as this post is a follow up and more recent update. The link is here.

The official pictures are out! For those interested in more info of the XN-Raiser, please buy a copy of the Hobby Dengki Magazine at an outlet near you =)

Before, there was much speculation regarding the spec and techs of the unit. All was made clear in the magazine in August 2009. Much of the contents were very surprising, yet expected.

Apparently, this the official cover of the model kit. Very sexy indeed... Big round of applause for Sunrise! (*CLAP*CLAP*CLAP*) Very ingenious art design, especially the detailing of the 00 Gundam with the much anticipated add-on (and its the 40th Anniversary!). Now onwards to the unit design~!

Unit Design

As you can see, there quite a change in the outlook of this unit. Much of it is adapted from the original design of the original 0-Raiser (grey area indicate changed/new parts).

Now as you can see, there is a tons of different and variable poses that you can set with the XN-Raiser unit. One thing for sure, it definitely increased the 00 Gundam's "awesomeness" factor, by a hundred-fold (my opinion there).

The left page displays the length of the unit. Clearly, it is roughly the same size the 1/144 scale of the 00 Gundam. My worry here is the weight of the extra parts...

The unit has a very familiar figure in case your wondering or have that nagging feeling at the back of that gundam-obsessed brain of yours. Well, it does have a small similarity as I'm guessing it took the original design and shape of the Ptolemy II. As you can see from the left page above, the side shot certainly does have a resemblance to the design. If not, this it just looks like a X-wing fighter =D

The other page reveals the step by step transformation from the 0-Raiser model to the XN-Raiser model. Basically, it is an add-on for 0-Raiser, not for 00 Gundam (as far as I can tell from the pictures provided. Let me know if my facts are wrong =D). Another reason to belief this is cover art has the word "Custom Parts" printed under the HG label.

So, if you haven't gotten the 0-Raiser model kit yet, this is another reason to get it (or get another 0-Raiser for the diehard fans XP)

Weapon System

Judging for the total number of parts (in the pic), we can conclude it is definitely an add-on for the 0-Raiser unit. NOT for the 00 Gundam!

Firstly, I noticed that the new add-on concentrates all of its parts on the unit itself. Not like the separation of the wings and cockpit when the HG 0 Raiser to attach it to HG 00 Gundam.

The wings have kept their position on the XN-Raiser. This can be proven if you take a closer look at the GN-Drives on the 00. There is no add-on/wings there.

I have a feeling, by the time I attach my XN-Raiser to my 00 Gundam, it will end up with a bulky look, but hella sexy and menacing =)

I have noticed that because of the new armaments on board the unit, where did the original GN Swords II of the 00 Gundam go to? As you can see, it can be attached to the sides of the XN-Raiser wings. They now take place as a ranged weapon in Rifle Mode in addition to the Raiser's Beam Machinegun.

Another interesting point is that it might not be able to properly deploy the Trans-Arm ability. Because the side winders of the Raiser are not attached to the GN-Drives, I'm assuming, that the synchronization ratio of the GN particles would never reach the level of the 00-Raiser.

These clearly explains why the XN-Raiser was not adopted to the 00 Gundam in the original storyline as it had unstable synchronization rate and was too costly to mass-produce them in the original plan. For a detailed explanation, click here

Now, let's take a look at the "GN-0000+GNR-010/XN 00 XN Raiser" combination. The most notable and obvious weapon is the pair of GN Buster Sword III. Sharp looking with a very long reach, it could most likely slice a MS in two very easily.

But the most interesting feature this pair of destructive swords is the ability to combine and form a huge ass-kicking sword.

There is no official name for this combo but I would like to dub it "The GN Mega Buster Sword" for now (Humor me.... XP)

Again, as said in my previous post of the XN-Raiser, this is merely an upgraded version for the 00 Gundam. The XN-Raiser so far, has no evidence to indicate it is a self sustained fighter, meaning it is a only an add-on, unless the 0 Raiser systems are included.

It was suppose to be the add-on that would promote the close-combat type of the 00 Gundam. Apparently I was mistaken as there are armaments that indicate ranged weapons are installed as well.

Other than that, it primarily functions as a battle-backpack with Raiser systems installed.
Think of the XN-Raiser as scabbards or backpacks for the storage of 00 weapons...

Here's a total list of armaments and system the XN-Raiser carries and supports;
  • GN Beam Machinegun x 2
  • GN Vulcan x 4
  • 4-Tube Missile Launcher x 2 (each binder)
  • GN Micro Missiles x 8 (per salvo)
  • GN Buster Sword III x 2
  • Raiser System
  • Trans-Am Raiser
  • Trans-Am Burst System
  • GN Field
And if you think the 00 Gundam is the only one enjoying the upgrades... Think again...

All MS with GN-Drives are capable of docking with this new add-on, improving the looks, style and awesomeness factor. Even Tau (fake GN-Drives) Drives in MS can enjoy this new upgrade. Very versatile indeed. But I have no confirmation if these add-on is extended to those released in the S1 of 00 Gundam. Let me know if the Xn-Raiser fits on your OverFlag!

Here is the recent version of the Cherudim. HG Cherudim GNHW/R + XN-Raiser.
Already supporting long range weaponry, it now has a pair of the GN Buster Sword III added to the list, giving it the much needed close-combat tools.

Same thing goes for the "HG Seravee GNHW/B + XN-Raiser" combo. The number of weapons now on board the Seravee is ridiculous...
Apparently, the same thing goes for the "HG Seraphim + XN-Raiser".

Another big hooray for the "HG Arios GNHW/M + XN-Raiser"

Now for my very last worry... I noticed each Gundam carry their respective colour. But the XN-Raiser's colour in all their add-ons with other gundam follow their colours as well.
So this raises 2 questions for me;
  • Will there be multiple XN-Raisers for each and every MS capable of docking with it?
  • If not, are we required to paint it ourselves to suit the MS's colours? Or does it come already stocked with the colours?
Well, I only hope the release date for the XN-Raiser draws nearer as we all are on the edge of our seat to start assembling (or dissecting parts of it for some).

So, look forward to it~!

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