23 July 2009

XN-Raiser~! Better than 0-Raiser~! Uso~!

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It has already been a few months since Kidou Senshi Gundam 00 S2 ended (yes, well, very sad indeed. lol) with the rest of the world living their own lives, Setsuna still fighting some unknown "disturbance" or maybe acting as the universe's police along with Celestial Being.

But, hey, I think some some forgot to mention the merchandising of Bandai products are still being launched. And there's no end to it now. Since the final-battle ver. of Cherudim and Arios are gonna come out soon. Merchandising was expected since these are part of the storyline afterall.

But this is ridiculous.....

The latest add-on for the 00 Gundam, XN-Raiser is debuting and gracing model stores in August.

Its part of the V series this time. Part of the movie I guess?

And I thought 00-Raiser was the strongest. Well it still is.

But it kinda makes me wonder, what the heck does it look like? Well, take a look.

Awesomely shaped. Lots of unnecessary wings here and there but what the heck!

If thats the end result, like hell, i'm pre-ordering it immediately!

As you can see, it has improved capabilities. The whole hull of the fighter is designed for a more battle-backpack for the 00 Gundam with the added weaponry.

NOTE: This 00 Gundam is a custom build. Not for sale. But the XN-Raiser is more or less accurate. Ignore the outline and weaponry of the Gundam until an official release is made.

Seems 00 got a makeover too. (custom design)

Love the interchangeable swords. And it seems the 00 Gundam looks a bit different too.

Getting the right blade to cut the right metal. Kinda like sashimi~!

As you can see, or noticed it by now, it is more suited for close combat fighting features compared to the 00. I have yet to see or notice any beam/projectile/missle type weaponry in the upgrade.

So it has purged all ranged attack weapons to excel in close-combat. Sounds kinda right.
And it should be that way. Exia and 00 have a history of close fights rather than long ranged shots which suits them well.

I wonder if it will come with a free action base stand this time.
Those stands ain't cheap you know?

Well, from this, I guess they added another sword to the line up. Now there's 8~!

x2 Buster swords
x2 Spear-like swords
x2 Beam sabers
x2 Short beam swords

Perhaps this time, it will be the Eight Sword Gundam~! Haha.

Note; all images came from another source. forgive me but I could not link them as I had these photos for a while now. All info and facts are assumed until official release from the company is presented.

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