23 July 2009

| ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam | Full Burst Mode |

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ZGMF X20A Strike Freedom Gundam

Of the whole Gundam universes, there are hundreds and hundreds of models to choose from, including the hero models. But out of all, I truly found Strike Freedom the best among the rest. Design wise and weaponry, I have yet to be disappointed by the features of the strike.

From the universe of Cosmic Era, Gundam Seed Destiny, sequel to the first season, Seed, Strike Freedom appeared really late into the show as it was unveiled before the finally battle with Legend Gundam, Destiny Gundam and Messiah.

Piloted by ace Kira Yamato and created, courtesy of the Lacus Clyne Faction, it really is a beautiful masterpiece.

The predecessor to this model was Freedom Gundam, thanks to the Z.A.F.T Faction, only to be stolen/presented to Kira, as this is common knowledge of those gundam geeks out there (yea i'm one of them =D) .

ZGMF X10A Freedom Gundam

Even though it pawned every mobile suit in Seed, ended up loosing a leg and arm and other bits (LIKE ITS HEAD) in the final battle of Seed, it was no match for the next generation gundams in Destiny, as it was closely defeated by the Destiny. Scrapped back from it's water grave by the Archangel, it was modded...well, that's an understatement. Overhauled~! is more like it.

In appearance wise, not much of a change here and there, but as for the weapons.... definitely a boost in the stats, several times the original capabilities of the Freedom.

The Phase Shift armor has been added, along with x2 MMI-GAU27D31 CIWS at the temples of the head unit.

After some panel-lining. Maybe I overdid it. But satisfactory to me~!

On the main body unit, there is the famous MGX-2235 "Callidus" Multi-Phase Beam Cannon at the center of the unit which rivals the Destiny's version. Also, in the unit is the main power core that empowers the suit, Ultracompact Hyper-Deuterion Nuclear Fission Reactor. Well, its more crude name is Neutron Jammer Canceler, as it utilizes nuclear energy and powers the suit.

I can imagine how hot the cockpit seat must with a nuclear reactor warming up your ass...

How they compacted it and placing it right below the cockpit is still a wonder to me... The Mutli Phase beam feature was also added with the Destiny but it the form of a ridiculously huge beam cannon. So, economic wise and spacing, Strike wins of course~! (well, that part was biased. Moving along!)

As for side-equipment, x2 MMI-M15E "Xiphias 3" Rail guns have been attached to the waist part, along with x2 MA-MO2G Beam Sabers for close combat usage.

Designed to show of those hips~! And Railguns~!

On the arm unit, a MX2200 Beam Shield Generator can be deployed near the forearm for defensive purposes.

A nice pose, courtesy of Dalong.net~! (Korean based btw, so don't bother unless your fluent in it)

On each arm unit, x2 MA-M21KF Beam Rifles take up their position in strike's hands. Like in the show, they are able to combine and form the longer beam rifle.

A well-known finishing pose to cease functions of other mobile suits at the end of the barrel~!

The fly-unit is attached to the back, with eight wings to fan out to reveal the famous EQFU-3X SUPER DRAGOON System.

Extendable to the tip. Very nice art work there *clap**clap*

These are the launching pads for the MA-80V Mobile Weapon Wings and will strike any target within the targeting system. When deployed, they leave the shell of the wing, displaying the golden frame and all it's galore~!

Very flashy golden frames where the assult cannons rest during standby

There's a slight difference comparing the regular 1/100 Strike Freedom and the 1/100 Strike Freedom FBM
  • Gold gloss injection on visible skeletal parts of the Strike
  • Removable mobile DRAGOON weapons with posing features.

  • Improved mobility with arched back

Well, I will admit, it was the model I wanted do badly and hey! Full burst mode is available~! Haha. So if was gonna get it already, might as well get the best there is out there~!

Packaging came like this~! Well you can compare to how large with the scale of an A4 paper.

After ordering it and FINALLY arriving by courier (felt like forever, like waiting for your Sunday show to be subbed but finally uploaded only on Wed =S), it was exactly as I expected. So for the most part of Day 1, no modeling was being done yet as I was too engrossed with the beauty of the cover art. Yeah, well I'm a simple that's simple to satisfy~! =P

I love it. Don't you?

Well, a lot of planning and tutorial-reading was conducted. (like hell a lot....) When I finally had the "Nike" attitude in me, construction went under way.

Some insides of the box and painting guide. Guess I'll get red and black paint then

Well, as recommended and a very good tip, is too wash all my parts as there is some chemicals on it to prevent molding and preservation until bought.

Use running cold water. Then dry it out. Try not to just leave it as dust might accumulate.

And standby with gundam markers at the ready. Really useful. I recommend panel-lining while building to prevent extra work later on.

Very handy indeed. Just watch out of the ends breaking and splitting up.

After a few hours, the main body unit was completed to my satisfaction (after numerous cuttings made to the gate bits left)

The hatch is open-able to reveal Kira sitting in it

After many more hours, the top section was complete.

Forgive the crappy quality. This was taken with my phone cam. Will note with *pcam*

As you can see, its pretty stable and flexible.

*pcam* Doing a one-leg stand to test the stability. The other tests the knee joints. Really flexible after all.

Continued much later after finger tips were given a rest (for some reason, it always hurts after doing a modeling marathon for 6 hours straight. wonder why...) and finished ONE WING~! AWESOME~! JUST 3 MORE SETS TO GO~! =(

The result of finishing ONE pair... One set.... Long night people......back to work....(snip,snip) *pcam*

After much time contributed (I would have liked to say "wasted hours" but for modeling, that another story), all wings were completed. Main body, wings and backpack thruster completed~!

*pcam* I think this was around 4am? Really worth the time, but I can feel my fingertips acting up again. Owww....

A better quality of the Strike. Nice right?

Well, it took another 2 days to completely finish up Strike as the weapons and armaments need to be carefully finished.

Ignore Shin (he was a lucky draw thing) and Lucky Star petits. Concentrate on THE GUNDAM~!

Now it can join the rest of my gundam family~! Say high to big daddy, kids~!

Yea, its a lot. So sue me...haha.
From L to R; GNX A-Laws type, 00-Raiser, Cherudim,Strike Freedom, Seravee, Seraphim, Arios, Archer
. All are HG expect for the big guy whose a MG figure

Well this is the only nice shot of Strike that I have uploaded. I don't really feel like sharing the better photos though =P

Love the gleaming eyes~! Definitely gives off a "superior being" aura~!

So I hoped you enjoyed my review of Strike Freedom. Sorry if you were disappointed in the lack of construction detail, but please do check out these site at the bottom for better and in-depth modeling methods.

Will review on the rest of my "family" soon from the 00 Series. Look forward to it~!

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  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strike_Freedom

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