25 July 2009

Sorta Cinderella!

by 12:28
Well, this is not part of the otaku culture, but I'm just posting it for the sake of highlighting this issue. And because it's quite funny.

Well, this morning, was presentation day for our so-called drama. And the title of our story or play was called "Sorta Cinderella". Well, if have guessed it right, I picked the title thanks to Furuba. Haha. But our play was different from the one in Furuba. It was a more "modern"version of it. Haha.

With loan sharks and lottery sellers that is.

So, due to some reason, I was late for our rehearsal. But still had enough time to prepare our props and other adjustment before heading to our last OSE lecture.

After lunch, around 1.50pm, our lecturer showed up and started to evaluate our dramas and English speaking skills. This more or less, how the story went.

(Complete with pictures of course~!)

[the lines are not properly labeled as to who said what, so please refer to the cast below. Sorry for the confusion]

Good afternoon to Miss Pritam, and fellow friends. Today, I will be your narrator for a little sketch my peers and I and about to perform, titled
"Sorta Cinderella".

Firstly, I'll introduce the main stars of today.

Now as you can see there is a depressed person over there, so depressed he is about to commit suicide.

"I want to die, I don't want to live anymore!"

So, why does he want to die? Well, a long long long long long long time ago, which just happened yesterday, a tale of Cinderella happened. Well "sort of" Cinderella that is...

(Prince was standing around until the he saw the Princess pass by)

"Oh my Princess, you look so feminine today! (Princess digs her nose)"

"How I would do anything to marry you"

Oh my! Did I hear you want to marry me? If you would want to marry me, please show me your wealth and handsomeness at my birthday party.
But you must be famous and rich to do so
I will find a way then!

And with that, the prince sets off on a journey to find a way to get rich! So first, he had to start his fortune from somewhere. And where does a kid get money? From his parents of course!


(Prince holding a hammer behind him)

Yes, Prince my son?

I heard you recently bought a life insurance policy!
How much would I get if you "accidentally" die?

Huh? If I "accidentally" die? Well, since we are very poor, I couldn't buy any policy.
Even my agent said it's better if I die...

Oh... damn..... then can I have a 10?

'Kay. Take my wallet then. Since were so poor, that all I have in there...
So, the Prince has just increased his "fortune" by... 10 bucks. With his "fortune" he decided the quickest and easiest way to get money. He went to buy lottery tickets!

Everyone! Please come and try your luck to win millions at Toto!

Thousands of people have lost so much money to TOTO, but still come the next day~!

*Hmmm.... Maybe I'll try my luck then*

Ah Boi, yea you~! At the corner trying to hide. What do you want? You lost your mummy?

Ermm………. Uncle...... err…… errr……….. I want to buy super and mega one..
I can’t hear you. Please speak louder. I am a very old man

Hah????? You siao ahhh?? Don’t lie to me~! You are so young. SHOW ME IC~!
(give father’s IC)
(reading from IC)
So your name is “Father of the Prince”?
And you are 53 years old?
And you have a very nice IC no. 131313-66-6666
Err… yea. So I’m 53 years old. Can I buy some tickets now?
Oh, ok ok. I thought you were a small boy who wants to get rich fast to marry a princess.
No la, only idiots will do that..
(prince buys the ticket and checks the results board)
Oh, too bad, you didn’t win. There goes your only 10ringgit bet.

Poor prince, losing his only fortune he had left to lottery.
With no other choice, Prince seeks the help of the local loan shark.
(prince knocks on the door)
Who is it?
err, hello.. dai long, I would like a “loan”.
how much is this “loan”?
errrrrrrrrrr………………. Maybbb………… errrmmmmmmmmmm… a 100?
Borrow more lah.. the interest is very very very superbly low..
(without thinking a second)
’kay 2 million then~!
Wahh, you really know how to do business huh? But, unfortunately, Someone else recently borrowed the first million so I can only offer you the rest, 1 million only.

(Snaps Fingers)

(Assistant of loan shark bring two suitcase)
There’s 500 thousand in each suitcase. Since it’s is a rather large sum, we will need to ensure we can contact you for further services. Now please provide me your details and IC name. We don’t want you end up running out of the country! Hahaha (sarcastic look)
(write down the details)

Ah…but one more thing, if you don’t pay, I will find you. And trust me, on my illegal money lending services, we WILL find you and take you very far away… Well, that’s IF you don’t pay, that is. (smile)

Ahh…. Sure….

And now the prince has become a very rich man! With his millions, he bought many things to show his wealth to everyone. The next day, he went to the Princess party to show how rich he has become.

Princess! I have come to marry you! I am now a rich man!

Oh really? Prove it to me!

Didn't you see my Ferrari? Here, i'll show your on my security video.

Wow. Nice Parking...

Err... yea...still getting my license.

So…. where did you get the money huh?

Money? I...err......ermm.....won it...at...TOTO~!

(loan sharks appear)

So! You won back the money at TOTO huh? Then it's time to pay up!

After borrowing 1 million, PLUS interest.

All 2 million of it!

So you actually borrowed from Ah Longs?

Huh? Why 2 million? I only borrowed 1 million!

Interest mah...

But....I...I dont have the money!

Then we will take everything from you, starting with the person who wrote his name on our form.

According to the IC name given, we will take away "Father of Prince". Wow! You wrote your father's name instead of your own?

What a bad person. Oh well, we will sell him then

Since your father is quite old, we shall sell him at a "vintage" price. Take him away boys!


(carrying father of prince away)

Huh? WHAT? You're selling me? Your only father?! NOOO SONNN NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Oh, okay then. Since it's only my father, I still have a place to stay! Bye Dad!

By the way, your father doesn't cover the cost of 2 million. So we will take all his savings and belongings.

And you're house too.


Disgusting! You actually borrowed all the money! Get out of my sight!

Unfortunately for the Prince, everything he had gained within a second was also lost in the blink of an eye. Now, with nothing left, he decides to end his life which brings us back to the present.

(on a very,very,very....errr...forget it, just keep reading)

I want to die, I don't what to live anymore. I have nothing left!

Well, he's not the only one
I want to die! I don't want to love anymore. I have nothing left!

Excuse me, but who are you?

Who am I? Who are YOU?

Err... I'm trying to die in peace here. So could you please go away?

But I was planing to die here first!

Hey! I had planned everything already! I even came with a rope!

No! I want to die first!

No! Me first!

NO! Ladies first! And you're a guy! Be a gentlemen!

(fight over rope but ended up tangled in it)

Hey. I really don't feel like dying right now.

Yea. It suddenly feels stupid to die when living seems much harder.

Let's try to live on then. I will find a way to get my house and father back.

Yea. After borrowing all that 1 million, I actually forgot how to actually repay ti back.

Huh? You borrowed 1 million too? So you're the other person who borrowed from the loan sharks.

I guess this is fate for us to meet then.

Somehow, due to some twisted fate or plan by a crazy script writer, the Prince and the other suicidal person found each other in the end. Together, they tried their best to live happily ever after.


Well, that's how the story went. Sort of... haha. Now a few side scenes while the drama was conducted and a view of the cast after it was over.

Had to prepare slides for the audience to actually see what happened. So I just keep pressing the button next....next...next.....

Our actors and actresses taking their sweet time back stage. Guess they can't hear me well enough to know their part is coming up.

One of those candid moments the class was having. Haha. Can't believe I wrote and came up with that weird plot and all those crazy lines....

Yea that's me. And no, I'm not lazying around. Was standing up for most of the time, so I needed a break =S

Now, the cast line-up!

Btw, that's a wig, just in case you thought the princess was a fag. haha. GO LA LA~!

Thanks for reading along, hope you enjoyed our small sketch!

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