28 June 2010

「ラブプラス+」Love Plus+ Mania Returns

by 00:17
"Love is in the air" indeed, but I don't think John Paul meant it this way. 
Welcome back to the ラブプラス [Love Plus] Mania, notorious for providing comfort for the lonely, messing up a few marriages and for starting a few "unorthodox"  marriages too.

Today's 24th June 2010, the long awaited day for many ronery otakus, patiently waiting for the release of the next installment of the mind-controlling-DS-game franchise, ラブプラス+[Love Plus +]

As many people are already queuing, waiting for the stroke of midnight for their early bird copy, lets have a look at the various events which lead to this moment.

18 June 2010

Simmoned Figures #5 - GSC Nendoroid Konata Izumi Comtiq Ver. 「ねんどろいど 泉こなた コンプティークVer.」

by 16:12

If there's one word that's taboo among figure collectors, it would be "E-X-C-L-U-S-I-V-E"
There's just too many excellent figures with an "exclusive" label slapped on it, with an "exclusive" price tag to go with it. There are times I wished I just lived "there" because of these things, but I'll have to wait patiently for that opportunity.
However, that would be the limits of most crestfallen international collectors (unless some of you use proxy services)

The bootleg of interest today would be the Comptiq version of Konata.
Among the 3 different nendoroids of Konata (Comptiq, Chara-Ani & LS website versions), this version is the most tempting among collectors, with moe kitsune-mimi, for an absurdly high price.
Even more so for the pirates to simmons.

I would love to get the "Comptiq + Saitama Exclusive" (comes with Saitama newspaper), but maybe when I have a little extra cash to burn, and hopefully in time before the supplier's stock runs dry.

Threat Level: 5/5
(MOE !!! >.<)

14 June 2010

Season's Summation - Spring 2010

by 03:35

Refreshing spring is about to move on, while brother Summer is hiding behind a maelstrom of rain before he takes the spotlight. Not that it seems relevant to most of us living in other parts of this puny world, but I've come to realize what they meant when "No two seasons are the same".

As much as I love to avoid talking about my less-than lively 3D life, allow me to waste a few minutes of your time as I divulge some of my reserved thoughts on Spring.

08 June 2010

An Expected Delivery

by 03:14
Upon arriving home, I was greeted by an over-excited Miku, who kept tugging my sleeve for some reason. 
Did I forget to feed her negi this morning? But I'm pretty sure I fed her before I left. Then, she mentioned to upstairs and said the mailman came. Naturally, I followed her up and found a parcel on my bed. Thanks for signing it, Miku! 

I wonder what I got this time... ^^"

06 June 2010

Seiyuu Comparisons - Spring 2010 (#6)

by 12:51
Supposed to see a delayed BRS this month. D=
Otonashi backstabs, Yui's resuts are better than mine D=
Hagaren is ending both works simultaneously D=
I'm so into Kotori-chan, sorry Takanashi-kun D=
A "colours" war is at hand while Izaya redefines the "scum of the Earth" D=
Shinji grew some balls at the last second of 2.22, D=
Asuka's spanking new plugsuit had a miserable 2 minutes worth of airtime. D=
 And we're at the end of Spring's lineup with my last post D=

All's Right With The World indeed...

Signaling that time of the year again, where showers would sprinkle themselves over Japanese lawns as the rainy season approaches the land of the samurai.

Its June again, people.

Apart from the miserable weather, summer break is around the corner for the kids in Nippon, and I've just re-adjusted my forgotten routine of waking up early for lectures as I drag my sleepy arse back to uni again after a 2 month break. As of late, my bio clock has yet to shifted back from London's time zone, while I keep up with Japan's as well, thanks to all nighters. But enough about the weather and my boring 3D life.

June is a mixed blessing, with old titles about to be swept under the carpet of abyss where many titles are put to rest. On the other hand, new promising series are popping up like June brides as this season is (supposedly) better than the last. Mixed feelings at the end, but I'll get over it like every other season. Summer's lineup has already started, with a couple of OVA and OAD bound for June release, followed closely by a string of animes which further reduces my already deprived but precious hours of sleep.

Yeap, it's June

As this is my last for Spring 2010, I'll cram as much as I can for this month, akin to a student preparing for finals tomorrow, as he stuffs in as much as possible. As for Summer, I'll touch on a few series to cover (though "few" is rather subjective in my terms).
With that, I bid Spring, farewell...

Seiyuu Comparisons 

[Ogata Megumi]
Naoi Ayato                                                                    Ikari Shinji

In case you haven't noticed, both characters had/have a father complex in trying to impress and satisfy their parent's wishes. With a potter master and Commander Ikari playing hard ball as usual, both sons are a little touched in the head.

Hang in there, Shinji. You're finally starting to sprout some balls for a change. But you're still an ass, so I'll forgive you for until the next installment of Eva.

[Ichiki Mitsuhiro]
Takeyama Christ                                                            Shirakawa Naoya

His airtime is decreasing with each week, which is not surprising for a techie. Apart from being seen in Haruhi, all is fine.

[Kitamura Eri]
Yui                                                            Todoroki Yachiyo

Otonashi; I'll never forgive you. Although your intention may be sound, you've created another hole in Girl Dead Monsters.
"Thousand Enemies" rocks, and I can't wait for the next album, "Little Braver" which should be out by now.

Maybe replacing Iwasawa wasn't a bad idea after all?

05 June 2010

figma King Kazuma [Summer Wars]

by 01:05
A tiny feed from figma's blog popped up on my RSS. 
When I read the "figma新作発表!!", I thought "Oh, cool!"
After I read the  "figma新作発表!!", I thought "Oh, FUC-"

The "shock-and-awe" effect hit me like a blast from a grenade while I jumped, not for cover, but for joy. 

Update: Kaneko added some pictures of the King, with another blacked-out image of a new figma.

03 June 2010

Love Plus+ PV Premiere

by 13:40
According to AkibaBlog, the PV of Konami's latest sequel release has been spotted at Sofmap AM branch. With the DS's release only days away, many fanatics are further invigorated with new features seen in the preview.

Update: PV has been added. 

01 June 2010

Simmoned Figures #4 - GSC Saber Lily - Distant Avalon 「セイバー・リリィ ~全て遠き理想郷(アヴァロン)」

by 13:05

Hey guys, and happy 1st of June. Not that it matters or have any relation to upcoming events of sorts, but its finally and really June. Been waiting for ages and I'm expecting (and praying) for the figures I've POed to arrive on time around this month. But I'll save that for another post as we move onto the next figure to be dissected and copy-pasted by pirates.

Unfortunately, I did not have the chance to procure dear Saber, due to my interest in such models only budded when she was released =(

So for those who did not get her too, and are looking for resales of non-MISB of Saber Lily on some auction/buy & sell website, think twice before deciding after reading this to identify and sift out the counterfeits. The differences are minute, yet noticeable after a closer inspection.

Threat Level: 5/5
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