06 June 2010

Seiyuu Comparisons - Spring 2010 (#6)

by 12:51
Supposed to see a delayed BRS this month. D=
Otonashi backstabs, Yui's resuts are better than mine D=
Hagaren is ending both works simultaneously D=
I'm so into Kotori-chan, sorry Takanashi-kun D=
A "colours" war is at hand while Izaya redefines the "scum of the Earth" D=
Shinji grew some balls at the last second of 2.22, D=
Asuka's spanking new plugsuit had a miserable 2 minutes worth of airtime. D=
 And we're at the end of Spring's lineup with my last post D=

All's Right With The World indeed...

Signaling that time of the year again, where showers would sprinkle themselves over Japanese lawns as the rainy season approaches the land of the samurai.

Its June again, people.

Apart from the miserable weather, summer break is around the corner for the kids in Nippon, and I've just re-adjusted my forgotten routine of waking up early for lectures as I drag my sleepy arse back to uni again after a 2 month break. As of late, my bio clock has yet to shifted back from London's time zone, while I keep up with Japan's as well, thanks to all nighters. But enough about the weather and my boring 3D life.

June is a mixed blessing, with old titles about to be swept under the carpet of abyss where many titles are put to rest. On the other hand, new promising series are popping up like June brides as this season is (supposedly) better than the last. Mixed feelings at the end, but I'll get over it like every other season. Summer's lineup has already started, with a couple of OVA and OAD bound for June release, followed closely by a string of animes which further reduces my already deprived but precious hours of sleep.

Yeap, it's June

As this is my last for Spring 2010, I'll cram as much as I can for this month, akin to a student preparing for finals tomorrow, as he stuffs in as much as possible. As for Summer, I'll touch on a few series to cover (though "few" is rather subjective in my terms).
With that, I bid Spring, farewell...

Seiyuu Comparisons 

[Ogata Megumi]
Naoi Ayato                                                                    Ikari Shinji

In case you haven't noticed, both characters had/have a father complex in trying to impress and satisfy their parent's wishes. With a potter master and Commander Ikari playing hard ball as usual, both sons are a little touched in the head.

Hang in there, Shinji. You're finally starting to sprout some balls for a change. But you're still an ass, so I'll forgive you for until the next installment of Eva.

[Ichiki Mitsuhiro]
Takeyama Christ                                                            Shirakawa Naoya

His airtime is decreasing with each week, which is not surprising for a techie. Apart from being seen in Haruhi, all is fine.

[Kitamura Eri]
Yui                                                            Todoroki Yachiyo

Otonashi; I'll never forgive you. Although your intention may be sound, you've created another hole in Girl Dead Monsters.
"Thousand Enemies" rocks, and I can't wait for the next album, "Little Braver" which should be out by now.

Maybe replacing Iwasawa wasn't a bad idea after all?

[Asumi Kana]
Honoka                                                     Taneshima Popura

I'm gradually coming to love Working!! Ever since Kotori-chan, that is. But I'll stick around for this loli. "Goodness comes in tiny packages" after all. =D

[Terashima Takuma, Ichiki Mitsuhiro, Hosoya Yoshimasa]
Look familiar? Yes?
I'm quite shocked too. Well, I'll let you off here after I list down their names. (left to right)

Sarashina Ikuto                                                         =               Kubo Toshimitsu (baka test)
Shirokawa Naoya                                                      =               Takeyama Christ (Angel beats!)
Kurosaki Ryuunosuke                                                 =               Yasuri Shicika (Katanagatari)

[Itou Shizuka]
Etou Fujiko                                                              Takei Hisa

As a reminder, Saki S2 was confirmed at the end of S1, with a short preview of the following tournaments. This show kind off made me take up mahjong for real, so it's really fun in short.

[Yuuki Aoi]
Korone                                                           Kannagi Noel

A busy woman indeed. I'm counting 2 roles for this season and that's only as support characters. Still, Korone is rather....errr.....coy, to say the least.

[Hirohashi Ryou]
Shirashi Lily                                                          Nagomi Shiraishi

Well, they're both in the student council. Kind off.
She plays another role, which I'm covering here if you stick with me and scroll down a little more. Guess who?

[Tomatsu Haruka]
Teruya Eiko                                                     Lala Satalin Deviluke

Wow. Never thought Tomatsu-san would take up this kind of role. But then, I never would have thought she'd take up a lot of other characters, so whatever then.
But the outgoing part is similar in this case, as both can't see to keep their clothes on.

[Ono Daisuke]
Satou Jun                                                      Heiwajima Shizuo

This guy is practically epic. Name me any character more GAR than Shizuo-chan. I dare you.
No, Shizzy-chan dares YOU.
Really love how DRRR is playing out, with 3 powers ready to spill blood on each other.

[Kamiya Hiroshi]
Souma Hiroomi                                           Ichinomiya "Recruit" Kou

Another role for Arararagi. =P
But as Izaya, he's a bastard, so I can't forgive him that easily.

[Hikasa Yoko]
Takanashi Izumi                                                            Akiyama Mio

I feel rather sad for Izumi, even if Mio is supposedly a good writer. Oh yeah, one more thing;
My fatherly instincts have awaken, so hands off loli-Mio. Dibs on her already. =P

[Itou Shizuka]
Takanashi Kozue                                                         Katsura Hinagiku

Everyone's favourite waifu is back as a drunkard. I've yet to finish Hayate S2, so I'll try to later this month.

[Shiraishi Ryoko]
Takanashi Kazue                                                           Sumiyoshi Kaneko

I wonder if Nyan Koi will have another season? Ratings were quite good, so I'm praying to Kami-neko for another 12 episodes of goodness and curses.

[Saito Momoko]
Takanashi Nazuna                                                         Shishidou Sakura

Another budding seiyuu. Too bad all her roles till now are rather minor. Let's see if someone casts her this summer.

[Hiroshi Ryou]
Yamada Aoi                                                           Fujibashi Kyou

Yamada is rather annoying but not to the extent of dislike, so all is cool.
Clannad BD is out, so it's time to rewatch the series in it's Blu-Ray glory ^^.

[Nakata Jouji]
Otoo Hyougo                                                           Araya Souren

This guy here is a veteran. You might recognise him in other noteable shows like Sgt. Keroro and Fate series.
He's the short-tempered, red froggie, Giroro, as well as Kotomine Kirei.

[Majima Junji]
Kouya Daigorou                                                      Takasu Ryuuji

I swear, he's gay. There are signs I tell you.

[Yoshino Hiroyuki]
Kikuchi Ieyasu                                                Allelujah/Hallelujah Haptism

From a ruthless survivalist to 2D otaku worshiper. Well, he tries.
But I looking forward to this September for the Gundam 00 movie ^^
And another 6 months before the DVD/BD's come out D=

[Yuuki Aoi]
Tanaka Yuutori                                                            Tepes Mina

For those who don't know, this show is "Yuutori-chan", a web-streamed show. Each episode is rather short, lasting at max, 5 min?

[Hanazawa Kana]
Tsumekomi Shiori                                                             Tachibana Kaede

But I'm just watching this for Hanekawa's sake. >_<
Btw, this is her 5th role for this season alone. ^^

[Watanabe Akeno]
Dankain Reiko                                                              Yuuki Rito
I was kinda hoping Rito would have another OVA as a girl, but that's just me =3


BlackSun88 said...

you have two shizuka itou... not that i dont it though XD

The Extroverted Otaku said...

A busy woman is busy indeed. ^^

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