31 July 2009

GNW-003 Gundam Throne Drei

by 15:28
Debuted in Gundam 00 S1, the Gundam Throne Drei was 1 of the 3 gundams within the Trinity Team. Piloted by Nena Trinity of the Trinity siblings, their mission is to provide support for the Celestial Being.

The Drei first appeared at the end of episode 15, aiding Gundam Exia in a fight with Ali Sacchez. The Trinity Team, a new organisation, acted as reinforcements to rescue the 4 Celestial Being Gundams trapped by an 15 hour long ambush in the desert. Thanks to other new Gundams, Eins and Zwei, Celestial Being was saved from annihilation of their gundams.

The Drei is the 3rd Gundam on the Trinity team. Though it lacks in weaponry, it was designed as a combat support type instead of front line battle type. Much of it's functions do not engage the enemy directly but instead acts as an add on to the Gundam Eins.

However, because they was originally only 4 GN Drives, these gundam were installed with a Fake GN Drive (also known as GN Drive Tau) capable of producing red GN particles, instead of the green-blueish hue. These particles, when coming into contact of the human body, disrupts the regeneration ability preventing many injuries to be regenerated or fully healed. (such as the injury of Louis Harvely)

The first and most notable function is the GN Stealth Field function. Deploying all flaps, the Drei releases all GN particles within a large area, cutting of all communications, thanks to the disruption effects of the GN particles. Because of this ability, it is able to move undetected in enemy radar.

All sort-of requirement for all Gundams, it is fitted with GN Beam Sabers. Mounted on the unit's shoulders, it is the only close range weapon the Drei has. Also, it has GN Shield mounted on the left shoulder on the unit's arm.

On the right arm of the unit, the GN Hand Gun is the only ranged weapon the Drei possess. On the right shoulder of the unit's arm is another shield type, GN Shield Pod. Because of this limited number of assault weapons, it is purely a support type unless in dire situation.

However, it is a support type of a reason. Because of the Drei's ability to totally discharge and increase the normal output of GN particles in an area, it can form a joint attack with the Gundam Eins. The GN Mega Launcher. Connecting a plug into Eins, it transfers concentrated GN particles into Eins and steadies the the unit with a grip handle. After the Eins has targeted, it releases all GN particles, focusing them into a GN long range beam attack, capable of rivaling the GN Bazooka Burst Mode on Gundam Virtue in terms of firepower.

Not much can be said in the modeling of this gundam as it belongs to a friend. I merely had it to do some panel-lining on the edges and lines. Not a bad piece as it has quite some mobility and streaked designs.

The most unique part of the Drei is the head unit. An oblong shape, much like the head of martians or creatures like in "Alien Vs Predator".

Another different feature is the shape of the Thrones. Very sharp and menacing designs to give off a "higher being" aura. The other notable features are the Fake GN Drive, shoulder mounted saber and large wing-like backpack.

Thanks for reading. Look forward to more~!

30 July 2009

Memoirs of Unrequited Love...

by 19:27

I was cleaning up my old thumb drive the other day, and guess what? I found an old file I once had. And it was the most EMBARRASSING thing I had done to date~!

I wrote a poem...

Yeah well, err.... I have no excuse at that time. I still had no idea why I formed those words but WTH. Most of these words came from the time I was collecting interesting quotes from my everyday life, especially in secondary school. And somehow, those words looked interestingly catchy but was too lazy to actually string them together. But I had a motive to actually complete this stupid poem before I finished Form 4.

And yes, it was for the girl I love. And still do. (but don't tell her! she still has no idea)

Even though I wrote it had only me to appreciate it, I decided to submit it for the Sinar Jaya 2008. Well, for those who still have their copy,

it's there,
at the back,
in between the lame lines of words strung together,
to form a poem.....

I think it was a little too long but I had hoped it would at least reach her. But I think gave up on her. She's just too high and impossible to reach with my current self. (and because I have no balls) This is for you fellows with unrequited love or one-sided love as it was painful for me to a certain point (but not anymore =P)

I would like to thank her for the inspiration to compose this and to my ex-school buddies who contributed their quotes, unconsciously. So, thank you....very much.

I shall now tell you a story of me and her,
And how we could never be together,
Even if I was Adam and you were Eve,
There could never be a you and me,
Every time she came around
I would sticking my head below the ground,
It was like I was on fire,
Set ablaze by a spark and apple cider,
A blazing inferno had started for sure,
With just the mere presence of her.

She was a real beauty,
Coupled with a fiesty personality,
Never the one to back down,
Was what turned my head around,
No matter what hairstyle it was every semester,
I could not look away at her,
Just to catch a glimpse of her adorable smiles,
I would run for miles,
But before I could sort out this odd feeling,
Her angel face would be what I kept dreaming.

Even if I avoided her from time to time,
I still could not get her off my mind,
Because when I look at her in the eye,
How could I lie?
Her presence may leave hurts,
And I would just be lost for words,
But every time I hear the echo of her feet,
My heart would always skip a beat,
But I know in my lonely heart, covered by rime,
She could and would never be mine.

Sometimes I wonder,
Just what am I to her?
Could I be just a friend?
Or maybe her man?
These questions are often heard,
But they shall never be answered,
For I am a nobody,
A lost & wandering soul searching for somebody,
Even if it pains me to say so,
I'm really nothing but a black crow,
Constantly looked down,
As if I was buried several feet below ground

For all eternity I shall wonder,

Till that day I tell her

But for the sake of our friendship,

I would be willing to abandon ship

To suffer in her place,

While she would keep smiling with a happy face

Would be enough to for me to go on,

Until I am taken to the land of Lorn

And there I shall dwell,

To wait for the arrival of her bell,

But for now,
I shall keep that vow,
To fulfill an unrequited lover's promise that I had made,
Until I finally rest at my dying bed and fade,
To keep her as happy as possible,
Even if it means jumping through every hurdle,
But I am sorry,
Maybe it just wasn't meant to be,
Because I have finally drawn my last breath,
And the only one awaiting me now is Death.

And so I regret,
For leaving that world as you to fret,

Leaving her behind and being left behind,

Has left my watery eyes blind

And as I cross to the other side,

I will have nothing to hide

I have suffered long enough,

With too little to laugh

Never appreciated the best in my short life,

For not having you as my wife
So even if you're coming a little late
I shall wait.

Eventually she will come,
After the last beats of the life drum,
And when she has at last run of luck,
Her time is unfortunately up
She would tear,
But do not fear
The other side is bliss,
Leaving behind what we would miss,
We'd spread our wings,
And take off as kings,
Soaring through that great sapphire sky,
We can finally, truly fly
To the gates of above,
There we can finally start our love
Because no one can find happiness there and then,
For it is only found when our time has come to an end...

27 July 2009

Eroge Not Exonerated?

by 02:06
"Roaming the streets and blending into the crowds are these people. This kind of people who are influenced by x-rated shows and blue films. They, in the end, give into their passion and assault an innocent victim."

Yea, right...

This is what the Japanese Council has brought up in the local news. Apparently, it's a really big issue in the land of the rising sun. Many crimes of passion have been popping up like; rape, sodomy, child pornography and other adultery acts. And it's happening all in Japan~!

Thanks to this game, Rapelay (i think. dont remember but i know rape was in the title) woman in japan are in an uproar, saying this is plain discrimination to the social status of women. To create a game that actually promotes molesting in trains and other perverted scenes are just beginning in the storyline of this H-rated game.

Not that I care (or play these =|), but all foreign IP's are restricted from accessing online databases of eroge websites. If you are so happened to have "visited" one of these site, a forbidden message will pop up or a warning saying you have been denied access. All this is thanks to the council and woman activists now lobbying in Japan.

They plan to up the level now by having a UN Ban on Eroge content. From games to video content and even photobooks (ero magazines i think. think swinsuit poses in a mag), are being considered in this global ban.

Now for our opinion...

What a stupid idea...
In case they haven't noticed, these "contents" have been flying around the world at the fastest line speeds you can imagine. And they have been deep in the Net for how long? A VERY LONG TIME!You think just by stopping this will stop those people from committing it? Heck, you're restraining them more...

These "contents" are now limited to the locals of Nippon, which is another stupid thing. As if Japan is the main influence of adult acts across the world, they now limit it to themselves...
Great... well, good luck as you try to stop the rest of these "contents" from being uploaded by your own perverted people for the world to only download them (not saying all Japanese of course. they're one of the nicest people I've meet. =D).

And thing are these "contents". They're are, of course, published by a certain industry and company. And this industry is huge (in an underground sense i think) as it covers a fair share in the market. By banning these "contents", you're gonna close down many companies which provide jobs!

Imagine a wife protesting vehemently to the press about these companies producing it as her husband is in danger of retrenchment because of this ban(why the husband is in this line of work is just an example ok?).

In other words, you can't stop them. They will continue to grow, expanding their number of "fans" or "fanatics" ,is more likely the word, into this perverted world of theirs.

I'm not saying it's bad thing as men and women (yes, women too) have that small passion or interest deep down in them. They just don't show it in public for others to gawk at. Each is to their other privacy. So long as you don't display it in public is morally justified for me. What you do behind your curtains of in front of the monitor is up to you, but just don't inconvenience others in public or around you.

Exercising our right for freedom of information is just but exercising restraint for our greed and lust are also encouraged. In the end, it's the consumers(or these freaks) who make this difference.

So, control yourself, wokay?

26 July 2009

New Noteable Nendoroids~!

by 02:47
Okay... well, I've been wanting to get a Nendoroid for a while now. Since they're unbelievably CUTE~! I really love their bobble heads! And cute scale of the figure~!

But I just cant decide which to get. There's tons out there.... but I have more or less narrowed them down~!

Well, I saw a few awesome ones at Hobby Link Japan and thought, "If I am gonna get a Nendoroid, might as well get a good one, right?"

So I did a bit more researching and more or less decided on these 3!

Let me know which you think is awesomely cute and nice to have!

1. Nendoroid Arawn - Tears to Tiara (Oct)

From the still current airing (well at the time this post was created) Tears to Tiara, one of the Great Spirits but banished and now theDemon King, he joins the Gael tribe with Arthur and his harem of combat-able "wifes" or beautiful ladies on their tales and adventures.

This nendoron stands at the usual scale height of 100mm like the rest of the series figures. As you can see, it is incredibly detailed from the eyes, expression and garmets.

Posing with his sword, Edram, which can be removed from the its sheath. Various parts are movable too.

Other additional props include an apple as seen from the opening song in the anime!

Seems there's another switchable head to show this expression. Not bad! Now to the 2nd choice!

2. Nendoroid Saber Lily - Fate/unlimited codes (Oct)

The pure, white and valiant knight from the Fate series of Type-moon, this version of Saber Lily comes from the PS2 (and recently playable on PSP too) game, Fate/unlimited codes. Returning from the Altar of Kings, she is reborn to serve her master once more...

A very cute Saber~! With her emerald eyes and steel armor and greaves, there's no better nendoroid than your very own Saber-slave figure!

Detailing is awesome as always by Good Smile Company. Check out the free flowing hair and armor details.

Guess the artist also wanted to show a shy/tsundere part of her with a changeable expression! Hehe!

Posing with her trademark and famous sword belonging only to King Arthur, Excalibur can be drawn from the his ultimate shield, the Scabbard. And awesome pose btw!

3. Nendoroid Akiyama Mio - K-ON! (unknown)

From the studio of KyoAni, K-ON! (which means "light music club") features the story of 4 high school girls finding the joy of music and band-playing together with their everyday lives.

Again, praises for GS company! Finally the K-ON nendoroids are starting to roll out. Looks like she come with her lefty guitar + amplifier. Eyes and hair are also excellent along with the details of the bass guitar.

I really,really,really,really,really want this! Haha.

Currently, this figure is not released yet with an unconfirmed debut date. But this is the expected nendoron figure to come out. Cute right! Haha! Hopefully this will spark the more releases of K-ON models and many of us (yea that includes me!) are dying for them to come out!

Well, I think I have decided....


Thanks for reading. Look forward to more!

25 July 2009

Sorta Cinderella!

by 12:28
Well, this is not part of the otaku culture, but I'm just posting it for the sake of highlighting this issue. And because it's quite funny.

Well, this morning, was presentation day for our so-called drama. And the title of our story or play was called "Sorta Cinderella". Well, if have guessed it right, I picked the title thanks to Furuba. Haha. But our play was different from the one in Furuba. It was a more "modern"version of it. Haha.

With loan sharks and lottery sellers that is.

So, due to some reason, I was late for our rehearsal. But still had enough time to prepare our props and other adjustment before heading to our last OSE lecture.

After lunch, around 1.50pm, our lecturer showed up and started to evaluate our dramas and English speaking skills. This more or less, how the story went.

(Complete with pictures of course~!)

[the lines are not properly labeled as to who said what, so please refer to the cast below. Sorry for the confusion]

Good afternoon to Miss Pritam, and fellow friends. Today, I will be your narrator for a little sketch my peers and I and about to perform, titled
"Sorta Cinderella".

Firstly, I'll introduce the main stars of today.

Now as you can see there is a depressed person over there, so depressed he is about to commit suicide.

"I want to die, I don't want to live anymore!"

So, why does he want to die? Well, a long long long long long long time ago, which just happened yesterday, a tale of Cinderella happened. Well "sort of" Cinderella that is...

(Prince was standing around until the he saw the Princess pass by)

"Oh my Princess, you look so feminine today! (Princess digs her nose)"

"How I would do anything to marry you"

Oh my! Did I hear you want to marry me? If you would want to marry me, please show me your wealth and handsomeness at my birthday party.
But you must be famous and rich to do so
I will find a way then!

And with that, the prince sets off on a journey to find a way to get rich! So first, he had to start his fortune from somewhere. And where does a kid get money? From his parents of course!


(Prince holding a hammer behind him)

Yes, Prince my son?

I heard you recently bought a life insurance policy!
How much would I get if you "accidentally" die?

Huh? If I "accidentally" die? Well, since we are very poor, I couldn't buy any policy.
Even my agent said it's better if I die...

Oh... damn..... then can I have a 10?

'Kay. Take my wallet then. Since were so poor, that all I have in there...
So, the Prince has just increased his "fortune" by... 10 bucks. With his "fortune" he decided the quickest and easiest way to get money. He went to buy lottery tickets!

Everyone! Please come and try your luck to win millions at Toto!

Thousands of people have lost so much money to TOTO, but still come the next day~!

*Hmmm.... Maybe I'll try my luck then*

Ah Boi, yea you~! At the corner trying to hide. What do you want? You lost your mummy?

Ermm………. Uncle...... err…… errr……….. I want to buy super and mega one..
I can’t hear you. Please speak louder. I am a very old man

Hah????? You siao ahhh?? Don’t lie to me~! You are so young. SHOW ME IC~!
(give father’s IC)
(reading from IC)
So your name is “Father of the Prince”?
And you are 53 years old?
And you have a very nice IC no. 131313-66-6666
Err… yea. So I’m 53 years old. Can I buy some tickets now?
Oh, ok ok. I thought you were a small boy who wants to get rich fast to marry a princess.
No la, only idiots will do that..
(prince buys the ticket and checks the results board)
Oh, too bad, you didn’t win. There goes your only 10ringgit bet.

Poor prince, losing his only fortune he had left to lottery.
With no other choice, Prince seeks the help of the local loan shark.
(prince knocks on the door)
Who is it?
err, hello.. dai long, I would like a “loan”.
how much is this “loan”?
errrrrrrrrrr………………. Maybbb………… errrmmmmmmmmmm… a 100?
Borrow more lah.. the interest is very very very superbly low..
(without thinking a second)
’kay 2 million then~!
Wahh, you really know how to do business huh? But, unfortunately, Someone else recently borrowed the first million so I can only offer you the rest, 1 million only.

(Snaps Fingers)

(Assistant of loan shark bring two suitcase)
There’s 500 thousand in each suitcase. Since it’s is a rather large sum, we will need to ensure we can contact you for further services. Now please provide me your details and IC name. We don’t want you end up running out of the country! Hahaha (sarcastic look)
(write down the details)

Ah…but one more thing, if you don’t pay, I will find you. And trust me, on my illegal money lending services, we WILL find you and take you very far away… Well, that’s IF you don’t pay, that is. (smile)

Ahh…. Sure….

And now the prince has become a very rich man! With his millions, he bought many things to show his wealth to everyone. The next day, he went to the Princess party to show how rich he has become.

Princess! I have come to marry you! I am now a rich man!

Oh really? Prove it to me!

Didn't you see my Ferrari? Here, i'll show your on my security video.

Wow. Nice Parking...

Err... yea...still getting my license.

So…. where did you get the money huh?

Money? I...err......ermm.....won it...at...TOTO~!

(loan sharks appear)

So! You won back the money at TOTO huh? Then it's time to pay up!

After borrowing 1 million, PLUS interest.

All 2 million of it!

So you actually borrowed from Ah Longs?

Huh? Why 2 million? I only borrowed 1 million!

Interest mah...

But....I...I dont have the money!

Then we will take everything from you, starting with the person who wrote his name on our form.

According to the IC name given, we will take away "Father of Prince". Wow! You wrote your father's name instead of your own?

What a bad person. Oh well, we will sell him then

Since your father is quite old, we shall sell him at a "vintage" price. Take him away boys!


(carrying father of prince away)

Huh? WHAT? You're selling me? Your only father?! NOOO SONNN NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Oh, okay then. Since it's only my father, I still have a place to stay! Bye Dad!

By the way, your father doesn't cover the cost of 2 million. So we will take all his savings and belongings.

And you're house too.


Disgusting! You actually borrowed all the money! Get out of my sight!

Unfortunately for the Prince, everything he had gained within a second was also lost in the blink of an eye. Now, with nothing left, he decides to end his life which brings us back to the present.

(on a very,very,very....errr...forget it, just keep reading)

I want to die, I don't what to live anymore. I have nothing left!

Well, he's not the only one
I want to die! I don't want to love anymore. I have nothing left!

Excuse me, but who are you?

Who am I? Who are YOU?

Err... I'm trying to die in peace here. So could you please go away?

But I was planing to die here first!

Hey! I had planned everything already! I even came with a rope!

No! I want to die first!

No! Me first!

NO! Ladies first! And you're a guy! Be a gentlemen!

(fight over rope but ended up tangled in it)

Hey. I really don't feel like dying right now.

Yea. It suddenly feels stupid to die when living seems much harder.

Let's try to live on then. I will find a way to get my house and father back.

Yea. After borrowing all that 1 million, I actually forgot how to actually repay ti back.

Huh? You borrowed 1 million too? So you're the other person who borrowed from the loan sharks.

I guess this is fate for us to meet then.

Somehow, due to some twisted fate or plan by a crazy script writer, the Prince and the other suicidal person found each other in the end. Together, they tried their best to live happily ever after.


Well, that's how the story went. Sort of... haha. Now a few side scenes while the drama was conducted and a view of the cast after it was over.

Had to prepare slides for the audience to actually see what happened. So I just keep pressing the button next....next...next.....

Our actors and actresses taking their sweet time back stage. Guess they can't hear me well enough to know their part is coming up.

One of those candid moments the class was having. Haha. Can't believe I wrote and came up with that weird plot and all those crazy lines....

Yea that's me. And no, I'm not lazying around. Was standing up for most of the time, so I needed a break =S

Now, the cast line-up!

Btw, that's a wig, just in case you thought the princess was a fag. haha. GO LA LA~!

Thanks for reading along, hope you enjoyed our small sketch!

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