31 July 2009

GNW-003 Gundam Throne Drei

by 15:28
Debuted in Gundam 00 S1, the Gundam Throne Drei was 1 of the 3 gundams within the Trinity Team. Piloted by Nena Trinity of the Trinity siblings, their mission is to provide support for the Celestial Being.

The Drei first appeared at the end of episode 15, aiding Gundam Exia in a fight with Ali Sacchez. The Trinity Team, a new organisation, acted as reinforcements to rescue the 4 Celestial Being Gundams trapped by an 15 hour long ambush in the desert. Thanks to other new Gundams, Eins and Zwei, Celestial Being was saved from annihilation of their gundams.

The Drei is the 3rd Gundam on the Trinity team. Though it lacks in weaponry, it was designed as a combat support type instead of front line battle type. Much of it's functions do not engage the enemy directly but instead acts as an add on to the Gundam Eins.

However, because they was originally only 4 GN Drives, these gundam were installed with a Fake GN Drive (also known as GN Drive Tau) capable of producing red GN particles, instead of the green-blueish hue. These particles, when coming into contact of the human body, disrupts the regeneration ability preventing many injuries to be regenerated or fully healed. (such as the injury of Louis Harvely)

The first and most notable function is the GN Stealth Field function. Deploying all flaps, the Drei releases all GN particles within a large area, cutting of all communications, thanks to the disruption effects of the GN particles. Because of this ability, it is able to move undetected in enemy radar.

All sort-of requirement for all Gundams, it is fitted with GN Beam Sabers. Mounted on the unit's shoulders, it is the only close range weapon the Drei has. Also, it has GN Shield mounted on the left shoulder on the unit's arm.

On the right arm of the unit, the GN Hand Gun is the only ranged weapon the Drei possess. On the right shoulder of the unit's arm is another shield type, GN Shield Pod. Because of this limited number of assault weapons, it is purely a support type unless in dire situation.

However, it is a support type of a reason. Because of the Drei's ability to totally discharge and increase the normal output of GN particles in an area, it can form a joint attack with the Gundam Eins. The GN Mega Launcher. Connecting a plug into Eins, it transfers concentrated GN particles into Eins and steadies the the unit with a grip handle. After the Eins has targeted, it releases all GN particles, focusing them into a GN long range beam attack, capable of rivaling the GN Bazooka Burst Mode on Gundam Virtue in terms of firepower.

Not much can be said in the modeling of this gundam as it belongs to a friend. I merely had it to do some panel-lining on the edges and lines. Not a bad piece as it has quite some mobility and streaked designs.

The most unique part of the Drei is the head unit. An oblong shape, much like the head of martians or creatures like in "Alien Vs Predator".

Another different feature is the shape of the Thrones. Very sharp and menacing designs to give off a "higher being" aura. The other notable features are the Fake GN Drive, shoulder mounted saber and large wing-like backpack.

Thanks for reading. Look forward to more~!

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