26 January 2011

[PSP] Amagami, Kirino, Index, God Only Knows and Covers...?

by 03:03
Look who made the front cover!

Not into PSP that much seeing as I don't personally own one (OTL), but interesting news is interesting.

The De Facto Event of TAF: Anime Contents Expo (ACE)

by 03:02
In retaliation of TAF 2011 and the latest ordinance restriction bill on published works, the Anime Contents Expo was formed.

The official website of the Anime Contents Expo was announced today with much of the desired information available for both visitors and exhibitors.

Similar to TAF, Anime Expo is a place to deliver content to the fans and everyone by showcasing their works from various exhibitors. Its the stage to where big time industry names gather to exhibit their latest works, from future projects to goods sales with stage performances to bridge fans and companies that much closer.
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