26 January 2011

[PSP] Amagami, Kirino, Index, God Only Knows and Covers...?

by 03:03
Look who made the front cover!

Not into PSP that much seeing as I don't personally own one (OTL), but interesting news is interesting.


Releasing tomorrow on the 27th January, the much awaited PSP arcade game will be bundled with figma Misaka Mikoto to play with while battling the many characters of the To Aru universe.

Play as Tokiwadai's Ace, the Unfortunate Right Hand of God, Accelerator, or the Teleporter and many more from the Index cast while duking it out with other characters.


Te seiyuu for the playable character, "Acqua of the Back", William Orwell, a member of God's Right Seat has been announced as Touchi Hiroki, if you remember him from Needless as Adam Arclight.

On a different series, Dengeki PlayStation Online has released some PSP covers to decorate your gadget with your favourite girl;

I'm torn between Nanasaki and Morishima....


Also, the "7th First limited Edition Blu-ray Box" for Amagami SS "Nanasaki Ai Arc" has been released, and I must say the inclusive poster is VERY charming....
All viewable and sold here at Amazon.jp

Another quality cover found, with the theme from "God Only Knows" (Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai), of the first girl encounter, Takahara Ayumi;



Blacksun88 said...

kirino in tokiwadai uniform, hhnnggg!!now i really wanted a psp T_T

Yourtime said...

agree @nanasaki (lol found your article, after searching limited edition of ika musume blue ray vol. 3 xD because of the overkill cutness figure

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