27 January 2011

Japan's Blue Samurai, Punches and Saves the Day

by 07:34
Best. Punch. Ever. 

Just what the hell happened? More, after the breakie~

Despite their unjust defeat on a penalty shootout at the World Cup 2010 which knocked them before having a chance in the quarterfinals, the Blue Samurai's have prevailed this time in the Asian Cup.

After drawing South Korea with 2-2 goals which lead to a  3-0 on penalties, Japan is going to the Asian Cup Finals to for the fourth time to face Australia.

Ain't a football fan, but I do like Honda's (aka Emperor) stylish play.

But the real saviour of the day was their keeper, Kawashima Eiji. During the penalty shootout, he didn't let even 1 of the 4 attempts pass his hands. Come to think of it, he's improved from his previous official shootout with Paraguay in the World Cup which ended brutally with a 5-3 defeat.

2ch gives Kawashima a few more titles to carry around as the pride of the nation;


So you can imagine the ecstasy when they made it to the finals with a 3-0 penalty score.
Or better yet, I'll show it to you;

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketS.Korea celebrating too early after drawing 2-2 at the last minute.

The anguish of the Korean keeper...

Photobucket...further invigorates the loyal supporters of the samurais

For those of you who switched off your TV/stream sites, you missed a glorious punch on live television.
2ch still debates whether it was on purpose but a GIF was presented and blew away all doubts;

No idea who's the one getting punched but it seems he's on Japan's team. Anyone knows who he is?

Some other sportsmanship GIFs;


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Blacksun88 said...

lol!! those gifs are hilarious, talk about sportsmanship...

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